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Veterinary science journals are designed to help practicing veterinarians, educators, researchers and students share relevant knowledge on key issues in veterinary medicine, treatment and prevention of diseases of pets. Students also obtain knowledge from hands on experience.

Professors and researchers need to publish papers in order to share knowledge. Call for papers is announced regularly by journals. Pulication in high impact academic journals is considered as significant achievement in scientific community.

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PhD students also need to publish articles in order to build good academic career. In some countries PhD candidates also need to publish certain amount of articles in scientific journals in order to obtain PhD degree.

To publish papers for students is a great idea. It helps to distinguish among other students, who want to apply for master or PhD degree. Call for a paper is announced regularly for academic journals. Many journals accept high quality research work of students.

Another important aspect of academic papers is practical approach. It is useful to employees of veterinary clinics and animal nurseries, as well as pet owners, who can find answers to their questions about the treatment of their pets and practical advices about care.

It is important to keep in mind requirements for publishing papers in an each country. For example, in Russia scientific journals should be included in the list of the Graduate Attestation Commission (VAK). So authors are supposed to choose a scientific journal from this list.

Journals from the list of the Higher Attestation Commission must meet certain requirements:

  • peer review process;
  • information transparency;
  • inclusion in the RSCI system;
  • frequency of issue of numbers;
  • journal issues should be included in citation systems - Scopus, PubMed, Web of Science and others.

What areas in veterinary medicine are covered by scientific journals

Scientific journals on veterinary medicine cover all modern trends in the treatment and prevention of diseases of animals.

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Articles on pathophysiology, obstetrics, gynecology, metabolic disorders, infectious diseases of domestic and farm animals do not lose their relevance in the scientific community.

Many journals also provide an opportunity to ask question and receive an advice about care. It aims a wide audience and helps to answering questions from animal owners about their pets.

During 2020 because of the covid-19 pandemic, a lot of studies appeared, considering the problems of the course of coronavirus infections in pets and the possibility or impossibility of transmitting it to their owners.

The history of scientific journals: the first journal for veterinarians

Researchers call the first scientific journal the Journal de scavans, or the Journal of Scientists, first published on February 5, 1665 in Paris. It is published to this day twice a year. The first issues of the publication were devoted to essays on the disciplines relevant at that time - medicine, philosophy, literature and natural sciences.

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In Russia, the first scientific journal Comments of the Academy of Sciences was published since 1726 in Latin with the assistance of G.F. Miller, but soon its publication was discontinued due to an extremely narrow circle of interested audience and a lack of ready-for-publication works. Scientific journals began to appear regularly only from the beginning of the 19th century and covered various areas of scientific research.

The first papers on veterinary medicine were published in biological journals. Specialized periodicals appeared only in the 19th century. The Veterinary Journal, founded in 1875, is considered to be one of the oldest veterinary publications. From 1949 to 1997, the journal had a different name - British Veterinary Journal, but then the original name was returned to the academic journal.

Current Trends in Scientific Veterinary Journals

The most relevant topics in demand in international journals are:

  • Academic veterinary sciences such as anatomy, histology, physiology and biochemistry;
  • Hygiene and nutrition, articles dedicated to feeding and the development of feeds that meet all the needs of pets;
  • Pathologies and their treatment;
  • Preclinical veterinary research. Papers on parasitology, microbiology, toxicology;
  • Surgery and gynecology.

In connection with the coronavirus pandemic, virology has become one of the most discussed topics for scientific articles in veterinary medicine. Studies devoted to viral infections, their occurrence and possible routes of transmission from animals to humans are of great interest to the widest audience.

Russian scientific journals in veterinary medicine

Russian scientific journals in veterinary medicine

International Veterinary Bulletin

One of the most famous scientific journals on veterinary medicine in Russian is the International Veterinary Bulletin, established by the St. Petersburg State Academy of Veterinary Medicine. The publication covers all variety of topics in veterinary medicine and related fields.

The journal has been published since 2004 for 4 times a year. The publications in this journal are especially relevant for all PhD candidates.

Veterinary Medicine

Another significant journal is Veterinary Medicine, published since 1924. The journal was renamed several times. In different periods of its existence it was called Practical Veterinary Medicine, Soviet Veterinary Medicine. The modern name has been in place since 1941. The journal covers the treatment of diseases of small domestic animals and all animals in agriculture as well as sanitary examination of products of animal origin and the latest developments in the fields of veterinary pharmacology. Since 2015, the journal has been included in the list of the Higher Attestation Commission.

Veterinary Science Today

The list of peer-reviewed scientific journals also includes Veterinary Science Today. The journal highlights current research trends in veterinary, discoveries and achievements in veterinary medicine, up-to-date information on animal diseases and methods of their treatment and prevention.

International veterinary scientific journals

International veterinary scientific journals

Some of the most high impact international veterinary journals are:

  • Journal of Animal Research and Nutrition;
  • Journal of Veterinary Science and Medical Diagnosis;
  • Journal of Veterinary Medicine.

Another popular and respected journal is the International Journal of Veterinary and Animal Medicine. It publishes articles on anatomy, biochemistry, biotechnology, clinical medicine and surgery, as well as papers on physiology, pharmacology, parasitology, genetics and related fields. In addition, it contains essays of veterinarians about cases, reviews of the latest research methods and drugs, and the latest research and advances in disease management.