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Science technology journals are designed to help scientists and researchers, university staff and faculty, as well as students from technology and engineering departments, keep abreast of the main trends and advances in modern technology.

The publication of academic articles is important and necessary for every scientist and professors of universities. It is not only helps to maintain academic status, but also the publication of research results allow to receive feedback from the scientific community. Such discussion moves research forward and help to introduce a scientist to the scientific community. Call for papers is always published by journals regularly. Engineering sciences attract a lot of attention from the industry as well.

PhD students also need to publish papers in journals. This is crucially important for an academic career. Some countries even specify the amount of articles need to publish in order to obtain PhD degree. For example, in Russia publications are required for all applicants applying for academic degrees, however, for these purposes, you should choose publications included in the list of the Higher Attestation Commission.

Publication of articles is even possible for students, but it would be better to expect that mostly low impact journals would publish high quality research from students. Anyway it is not only possible, but also distinguish among other students, who apply for master or PhD degree. Call for papers is announced regularly.

Which areas are covered by scientific journals in Technology and Engineering Sciences

The topics of journals publishing scientific articles are extremely diverse. They exist as multidisciplinary publications covering research in variety of disciplines. There are many academic journals devoted to the applied fields of physics, chemistry, biology and mathematics and providing information about innovative methods and technological approaches.

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Among the highly specialized journals on technologies and engineering listed by the Higher Attestation Commission in Russia, it is worth to take a look:

  • Deformation and destruction of metals;
  • Materials Science;
  • Metal technology;
  • Chemical Technology;
  • Thermal processes in technology.

The history of scientific periodicals: the first journal on technology and engineering sciences

The first publication in Russia dedicated to developments and applied science was the Technological Journal, published from 1804 to 1815. It was published in St. Petersburg by the Imperial Academy of Sciences 4 times a year. The journal published papers on improving the equipment of manufactories and enterprises and the achievements of applied sciences. Academician V.M. Severgin was the editor-in-chief of the journal. After 2 years of existence, the journal has supplements devoted to mathematics, physics, chemistry, mineralogy, etc.

In 1816, Uchenye izvestiya appeared, which became a continuation of the Technological Journal.

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Current Trends in Technology and Engineering Science Journals

The most popular topics in modern technology and engineering publications are:

  • Information security, improvement of information technologies;
  • Robotization, remote sensing technologies;
  • Nanoelectronics;
  • Analytical instrumentation;
  • Chemical Technologies.

Russian technological scientific journals

Technological University Bulletin

It is published by the Kazan National Research Institute since 1998 and is included in the list of recommended journals of the Higher Attestation Commission. 12 issues of the publication per year. Topics include chemistry, chemical technology, computer science, computing and management. The editorial board consists of professors, doctors of chemical sciences and academicians of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

Science and Technology Journal

Another journal is recommended by the Higher Attestation Commission for the publication of the results of scientific dissertations. The publication is interdisciplinary and accepts articles on technology, economics and agricultural sciences. The pages of the publication contain articles on the development of technologies for the production of food products, the processes of improving economic systems, reviews of new technologies used in agriculture. The founder of the journal is the Maikop State Technological University.

Russian technological scientific journals

Russian technological journal

This is an online scientific journal and also included in the list of the Higher Attestation Commission. Papers are published every two months. The founder of the journal is the Russian Technological University. The publication publishes cross-disciplinary research, the results of fundamental and applied work. Among sections of the journal are mathematical modeling, robotic systems, instrumentation, computer science and information security.

International Technology Journals

International Journal of Scientific and Technology Research (IJSTR) is an international, peer-reviewed, interdisciplinary journal that publishes articles on technological advances and innovations. On the pages of the journal you can find papers on informatics, information systems, mathematics, technologies in chemistry, physics, medicine and biology, reviews, thematic reports.

International Technology Journals

Technical physics letters publishes advances in theoretical and experimental physics with potential technical applications. Particular attention is paid to articles on gas lasers and lasing in semiconductors, as well as reports on high-temperature superconductivity. The journal publishes reviews of plasma physics, materials on applied physics, plasma physics, accelerators, microwave devices.

Engineering and Technology is a British academic journal about engineering and technologies published by IET Services. The impact factor of the publication is 1.957. The journal publishes articles at the intersection of technology, marketing, development, production and administration. The mission of the journal is to create a discussion platform for the exchange of experience and the further development of all aspects of technology, innovation and engineering management.

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