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Scientific journals on philosophy

Academic journals on philosophy are designed to build communication between scientists involved in different fields of philosophy and help researchers share results of research. Publish paper means making research results publicly available for members of the scientific community around the world. Publications are important not only for professors and researchers of universities and research labs, but also for undergraduate and graduate students. Having published paper in an academic journal help to stand out among other students. It is great achievement if you apply for master degree or PhD. Some journals with low impact factor accept high level research projects written by students. So to publish paper for students is possible.

Publications of papers are among important factors for professors and researchers. In order to keep status they need to publish articles periodically. Publishing in high impact journals is more prestigious. Call for papers is announced by journals.

It is always good idea to plan to publish papers in advance. Publish papers in high impact journals takes time up to 1 year. An alternative could be journals with low impact factor. It takes less time and such journals also announce call for papers.

What areas are covered by scientific journals on philosophy

Among the scientific publications devoted to philosophy, one can find both publications covering all aspects of philosophical, and highly specialized journals devoted to a specific field.

Among the areas of philosophical knowledge that are actively covered in journals are:

  • Ontology and theory of knowledge;
  • History of philosophy;
  • Philosophy of Science and Technology;
  • Philosophical anthropology;
  • Aesthetics and cultural studies;
  • Philosophy of Religion and Religious Studies;
  • Logic;
  • Ethics.

The emergence of scientific periodicals: the first academic journal on philosophy

The first scientific journal in philosophy was Le Journal des Scavans, first published in Paris on February 5, 1665. It has published essays and articles on medicine, science and philosophy.

The first scientific journal in philosophy

Specialized academic journals devoted to philosophical science appeared much later. It was The Philosophical Magazine, founded by Alexander Tilloch in 1798. The journal appeared at a time when natural philosophy covered all areas of science, so the first articles had a very distant relationship to what modern philosophy is researching. For example, the first article published in the magazine focused on the steam engine created by the inventor Cartwright. In 1822, Richard Taylor became the editor of the Philosophical Journal.

Modern trends in scientific journals on philosophy

Among the most relevant topics of philosophical articles published in journals are:

  • problems of searching the meaning of life in philosophy;
  • philosophical problems of the globalization of society;
  • philosophy of the modern information society;
  • consideration of virtual reality in the context of philosophical knowledge;
  • applied ethics, ethical evaluation of scientific research.

Russian scientific journals on philosophy

The Philosophical Journal

publish article on philosophy

A quarterly scientific journal covering all aspects of philosophical science, including the theory of knowledge, general methodology, philosophy of language and consciousness, research on the history of philosophy and the phenomenon of culture. The publication is included in the list of recommended journals of the Higher Attestation Commission. Articles devoted to research in the field of ontology, ethics, logic and social philosophy are published on the pages of The Philosophical Journal.

The Ethical Thought

The journal covers the issues of ethical theory, the emergence and development of the philosophy of morality, the applied aspects of ethical knowledge and its application to other scientific disciplines. The journals publish papers about academic discussions and symposia, reviews of literature. The journal publishes not only the works of Russian reseacrhers, but also the results of research by foreign colleagues. It is included in the list of the Higher Attestation Commission and the RSCI database. The journal is published 2 times a year.

History of philosophy

One of the most significant Russian journals dedicated to the history of philosophical knowledge. The main focus of journal is given to research in the fields of Western and Eastern philosophy. The History of Philosophy publishes not only articles by Russian researchers, but also translated articles by foreign authors. Among popular topics in the journal is the development of historical and philosophical methodology and the clarification of terminology in the field. The journal is included in the list of the Higher Attestation Commission and is indexed in the RSCI.

History of philosophy journal

International academic philosophical journals

The American Journal of Bioethics is a monthly peer-reviewed journal covering all aspects of bioethics. The journal publishes articles, literature reviews, research on the ethics of medical and biological research. In addition, from time to time there are thematic issues devoted to one specific ethical issue. The editor-in-chief and co-founder of the magazine is David Magnus of Stanford University. The American Journal of Bioethics has been published since 1999.

International academic philosophical journals

Ancient Philosophy is a peer-reviewed academic journal dedicated to the study of ancient Greek and Roman philosophy and science. Since 1980, it has published over 1,300 articles and reviews in this area. It is edited by Ron Polanski of the Department of Philosophy, Duquesne University. It is published on behalf of Mathesis Publications by the Center for Philosophical Documentation. On the pages of the publication you can find book reviews, studies on the history of philosophy, opinions of scientists and announcements of upcoming conferences.

philosophical articles in academic journals

British Journal for the Philosophy of Science is a peer-reviewed philosophy publication owned by the British Society for the Philosophy of Science and published by Oxford University Press. The journal publishes works that use philosophical methods in solving problems of natural and humanitarian sciences. The British Journal is the leading international publication for the philosophy of science and publishes articles on epistemology of measurement, mathematical explanations of causelessness, the nature of species and approaches to human cognitive development.