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Scientific journals on philology and linguistics are designed to help all professionals who have devoted their lives to language research, publish the results of their scientific research and exchange relevant information with colleagues.

Publishing papers is important for professors and researchers in order to maintaint academic status. To publish an articles also means the ability to share scientific discoveries. Top universities allow to publish scientific papers by own professors in high impact journals. Call for paper is announced periodically by journals.

PhD students also need to publish results of scientific research in academic journals. In some countries it could be mandatory to publish certain amount of papers in order to obtain PhD degree. This is why it is always important for PhD candidates to search for call for papers.

To publish papers for students is also possible. Some journals may accept papers written by students, but it would be better to expect that journals with low impact accept such articles. However, the publication of research articles can be important in building an academic career. It also helps to stand out among other students, who want to apply for master degree or PhD. Different countries have may have different requirements in terms of which journals would be better to publish scientific papers. However, journals from Scopus, Web of Science and other indexes are always to the best option.

Some countries may have own list of priority journals for publishing papers. To illustrate, in Russia The Higher Attestation Commission’s list of journals is priority for Russian researchers.

What areas are covered by scientific journals in philology and linguistics:

Philological scientific journals cover the entire spectrum of linguistic and literary research. The journals are represented by both interdisciplinary and highly specialized publications devoted to one specific issue, for example, only the history of foreign literatures.

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Among the most relevant areas of philology and linguistics:

  • Russian literature;
  • Literature of the peoples of the Russian Federation and foreign countries;
  • Theory of literature;
  • Language groups;
  • Theory of language;
  • Linguistics;
  • Applied and mathematical linguistics.

The history of scientific journals: the first journal in philology and linguistics

One of the first Russian journals on linguistics was the Journal of the Ministry of Public Education, created in 1803. It was renamed several times during its existence and covered the problems of Russian education, published papers and notes not only in philology, but also in other scientific fiels.

The first private scholarly publication devoted to language research, literature and comparative linguistics were Philological Notes. The journal was published in Voronezh for 57 years under the editorship of A.A. Khovansky, a teacher of Russian at the Mikhailovsky Cadet Corps. It is noteworthy that the journal was published at the editor's own funds. The Notes were founded in 1860.

Modern trends in scientific journals in philology and linguistics

The most popular topics among scientific philological journals in Russia are studies of the languages of peoples living on the territory of the Russian Federation, analysis and research of Russian literature, as well as language studies of the history and theory of language and changes in the spoken language under the influence of globalization.

Another interesting area of research is the impact of information technology on the structure of the language and its changes.

Another interesting trend observed in published articles is the study of the comparative-historical, comparative-typological study of different national literatures.

Russian scientific journals in philology and linguistics

Russian scientific journals in philology and linguistics

Peer-reviewed philological journal Language. Literature. Culture

The journal is published under the editorship of V.V. Serdechnaya. It publishes scientific articles on linguistics, literature and cultural studies, as well as reviews of new literature and announcements of significant events and conferences. In addition, academic publications covers areas at the intersection of philology and other related humanities. The journal is published 6 times a year and is recommended by the Higher Attestation Commission for the publication of the results of scientific dissertations.

Philology and culture

This is an another edition included in the list of the Higher Attestation Commission. The journal dedicated to all aspects of philological knowledge, particular attention is paid to Russian literature and literature of foreign countries, language research, language theory and comparative historical linguistics. The journal is intended for students and post-graduate students of philological departments of universities, teachers and researchers.

The journal Philologos

The journal covers articles on Russian literature and the literature of peoples of foreign countries, textual research. On the pages of the journal you can find papers on applied and mathematical linguistics, as well as comparative linguistics. The journal has been published quarterly since 2007 and indexed in the RSCI system and recommended by the Higher Attestation Commission.

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Journal of Philological Sciences. Questions of theory and practice

The journal offers its readers scientific papers on comparative literary studies, foreign and domestic literature, articles and essays on textual criticism, and linguistics. In the journal significant part of research articles is about Romance languages and languages of the peoples of the Russian Federation.

Journal of Philological Sciences. Questions of theory and practice

International scientific journals in philology and linguistics

Anthropological Linguistics is a quarterly scholarly journal published by the American Indian Research Institute and the Department of Anthropology at Indiana University since 1959. It publishes articles related to anthropological linguistics.

The Nordic Journal of Linguisticsis a peer-reviewed academic publication dedicated to the study of all areas of linguistics and philology. The main focus is on the study of theoretical linguistics and Scandinavian languages. The journal was founded in 1978 and is published by Cambridge University Press on behalf of the Scandinavian Association of Linguists. The editorial board includes researchers from universities in Canada, Sweden and Finland.

International scientific journals in philology and linguistics

The Journal of Linguistics is published by Cambridge University Press and has been published three times a year since 1965. The publication's Impact Factor is 0.714 as of 2014. The journal covers all fields of theoretical linguistics and is the official journal of the Linguistics Association of United Kingdom. The journal publishes papers on language theory, linguistics, comparative linguistics, as well as reviews, reviews and announcements.