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Science journals on pharmaceutics are useful for every professional working in medicine, pharmaceuticals, pharmacology and medicinal chemistry. Disclosure of research results allows you to receive feedback from the scientific community and keep abreast of the latest research and advances.

Professors and researchers submit papers in academic journals in order to publish the latest achievements. In some countries professors and docents of universities need to publish the certain amount of articles in order to keep academic status. Call for papers is announced by scientific journals regularly.

PhD students also need to publish articles in journals. This is crucially important for the future academic career. Depends on a particular country, PhD candidates need to publish in the certain list of pharmaceutical science journals. To illustrate, in Russia journals on pharmaceutics should be in the list of the Graduate Attestation Commission (VAK). Publishing papers in this list is required for graduate students applying for candidate and doctoral degrees.

Submit papers is also possible for students. To publish papers for students is possible. Some journals would accept high quality research written by student. However, keep in mind that low impact journals would publish such articles. Call for papers is publish by journals regularly.

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What areas are covered by scientific journals on pharmaceuticals

Scientific journals on pharmaceuticals cover all aspects of the science. One can distinguish both interdisciplinary journals devoted to research at the intersection of pharmacology and related disciplines - medicinal chemistry, biochemistry, etc., and highly specialized publications that cover separate sections:

  • Pharmacokinetics: studies the intake and distribution of drugs within the body, as well as their metabolism.
  • Pharmacodynamics: examines the effect of drugs on the functioning of an organ or tissue, and the mechanisms underlying this effect.
  • Pharmacogenetics: is devoted to the study of the body's response to drug administration and its genetic basis.
  • Pharmacy: examines the manufacture, standardization and quality assessment of medicines.
  • Pharmaceutical chemistry: devoted to the methods and techniques for creating drugs.
  • Medicinal toxicology: studies the toxic effect of drugs on the body and ways to level it.

The history of scientific journals: the first journal of pharmacology

Pharmacology as a science began to form in the Middle Ages thanks to the works of Ibn Sina and Paracelsus. The first articles on pharmaceuticals were published in interdisciplinary scientific journals, along with articles on medicine and natural sciences. The first interdisciplinary journal is considered to be the French Journal de scavans, or - Journal of Scientists, first published on February 5, 1665 in Paris.

In Russia in the 16-18 centuries there were so-called pharmaceutical gardens, and information about medicinal plants was recorded in herbalists and greenhouses. The first Russian pharmacopoeia that collected most of the knowledge existing at that time was the journal called Pharmacopoea Rossica.

In 1864, the Pharmaceutical Journal was established. It was published monthly under the editorship of Dr. G. Dragendorff and published papers on the latest advances in pharmaceuticals and pharmacology.

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Current trends in pharmacological academic journals

Because of the coronavirus pandemic, there is a global trend around the world dedicated to the study of Covid-19 and the development of a drug that can prevent the spread of infection. Both domestic and international journals have published a colossal number of articles devoted to the search and testing of vaccines, data from preclinical tests, an assessment of hypothetical side effects and a comparison of various vaccines with each other.

Another important area is the study of nanoparticles as a method of targeted drug delivery.

In addition, there is a demand for journals at the intersection of science fields that publish articles on chemical and medico-pharmaceutical topics.

Russian scientific journals in pharmacology

Pharmaceutical Bulletin

It exists in the format of a newspaper and an electronic journal, in which not only research articles are published, but also news of the pharmaceutical business in Russia and the world. On the website of the journal, you can find the latest data on the development of a vaccine against coronavirus infection, production news, features of registration of new drugs, as well as reviews of regulatory legal acts.

Russian scientific journals in pharmacology

Scientific journal Pharmacy and Pharmacology

The journal aims teachers and students of pharmaceutical and medical educational institutions, employees of pharmaceutical companies, pharmacists and employees of research laboratories. On the pages of the publication you can find the results of current research in all areas of pharmaceutical science, articles on the study of medicinal plants, natural and synthetic bioactive substances, as well as essays on methods of analysis and standardization of drugs.

Biopharmaceutical Journal

It has existed since 2009 and is recommended by the Higher Attestation Commission for the publication of research results of dissertations for academic degrees. The journal is published 6 times a year.It publishes research in the field of biopharmaceuticals, data from experimental and clinical studies, drug reviews and expert opinions in the field of pharmacy. The journal's headings include quality control, biopreparation technology and training.

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Biomedical chemistry

The journal is published since 1955. 6 issues of the journal are published per year. The publication is dedicated to medico-pharmaceutical topics. The founders are the Russian Academy of Sciences and the V.N. Orekhovich Research Institute of Biomedical Chemistry of the Russian Academy of Sciences. On the pages of Biomedical Chemistry, articles are published on pharmaceuticals and related disciplines - proteomics, clinical biochemistry, enzymology and metabolomics.

International scientific journals in pharmacology

International scientific journals in pharmacology

The Journal of Clinical Pharmacology is a peer-reviewed scientific medical and pharmacological journal covering topical issues of modern pharmacology. It was founded in 1961 and is published with contributions from the American College of Clinical Pharmacology. The publication publishes pharmacological articles in English on testing new drugs, clinical and preclinical studies. The joirnal is part of the Scopus, Veterinary science database, Chimica and others.

The Journal of Pharmaceutical Science is a pharmaceutical publication founded in 1912. The journal is published monthly on behalf of the American Pharmaceutical Society. The main topics are articles on pharmacology and biotechnology, drug reviews and methodology for testing new drugs. In 2014, the journal's impact factor was 2.59, making the publication ranked 109th out of 254 journals in the Pharmacology and Pharmaceuticals category.

International Pharmaceutics journals

The Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmacology is a peer-reviewed scientific monthly covering all aspects of modern pharmacology. It is published by Wiley-Blackwell on behalf of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain. It is also the official journal of the UK Pharmaceutical Society and the British Pharmaceutical Conference. It was founded in 1870 and got its current name in 1949. Chief Editor - D. Jones (Queen's University Belfast).