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Articles in legal studies journals are essential for every legal professional. By sharing the results of your research with the scientific community, you increase the likelihood that the result of your work will find practical application or serve the interests of science.

The publication of a paper is important not only for lawyers, who want to increase awareness about their professional achievements. This is also important for graduate students, because it allows to prove research skills and knoweledge, which open up broad career prospects. It also helps to distinguish among other students, when you apply for master or PhD degree. To publish a paper for students is possible. Call for papers in legal journals is announced regularly.

Professors publish articles often in order to share knowledge and keep academic status. Moreover, research articles in scientific journals are essential for every PhD student. As a result, call for papers in law journals could be interesting for different audiences.

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It is important to mention the concept of the Hirsch index, proposed in 2005 by Jorge Hirsch to assess the significance of scientific research. It takes into consideration the number of references to published articles and monographs. The higher the scientific citation index, the more authoritative and weighty the scientist's reputation in the scientific world. Some countries, for example, Russia may have own citation index in science. Russia has its own citation index known as the RSCI (Russian Science Citation Index).

What areas of law are covered by scientific journals

Law journals cover all varieties of legal topics, including national and international law, actual problems of fields of jurisprudence. Academic legal journals reflect trends and prospects of legislation in countries around the world. In addition, law journals cover lawmaking and law enforcement practices, and include review, opinions and comments of the most significant and respected lawyers.

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There are publications aimed at lawyers, judges and other specialists related to jurisprudence.

All modern legal journals can be divided into four broad categories:

  • scientific and theoretical;
  • scientific and practical;
  • popular science;
  • information and analytical.

The history of scientific journals: the first law journal

Despite the fact that the phenomenon of scientific journals arose early enough, academic journals devoted to law arose much later.

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The first scientific journal is considered to be the Journal des Scavans (Journal of Scientists), first published on January 5, 1665 in France thanks to the efforts of Theophrastus Renaudot and Denis de Sallot. The Journal of Scientists published articles on the most relevant fields of those years - medicine, philosophy, literature and natural sciences.

It took many years for law journals to emerge. For example, the first Russian law journal is the Journal of Jurisprudence, published in 1812. The first student-edited law periodical in the US was the Albany Law School Journal, founded in 1875. SvJT is the oldest Swedish legal journal, published since 1916. The McGill Law Journal was the first Canadian legal publication to be cited in a Supreme Court decision.

Current trends in academic law journals

Despite the fact that scientific legal journals cover all types of law, majority of them focus on particular countries or list of countries. Law in India is different than in Germany. Law is Germany is different comparing to Canada. This list has no ending, because legal field is different in every country. This is why sharing experience of domestic law is beneficial for all members of scientific community. Especially popular are publications that cover and explain difficult aspects of legal science to a wide audience.

international legal journals

The most demanded topics are:

  • Labor law;
  • Cases from law practice;
  • Civil law;
  • Constitutional law;
  • Information law;
  • Financial law.

Russian academic law journals

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The most famous and demanded Russian journals devoted to legal topics are journals included in the list of the Higher Attestation Commission (also known as VAK). It is this formal body, operating in Russia and throughout the post-Soviet countries, that is responsible for the state certification of scientific and scientific-pedagogical employees. Journals included in the list of peer-reviewed of the Higher Attestation Commission meet a number of specific requirements, such as:

  • the presence of peer reviewed process;
  • information transparency;
  • inclusion in the RSCI;
  • frequency;
  • inclusion of current numbers in one of the scientific citation systems, for example, Scopus.

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Among the respected Russian law journals, the following should be mentioned:

  • History of state and law;
  • Law practice;
  • Juvenile justice issues;
  • Arbitration and civil procedure.

In addition, online law journal and legal publications are in demand, the publications of which can be found online:

  • Bulletin of the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation;
  • The world of legal science;
  • Notarial bulletin;
  • Jurisprudence;
  • Academic Law Journal;
  • Actual problems of Russian law.

International Law Journals

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One of the most prestigious law journal is the European Journal of International Law, published since 1990. It publishes papers written by leading experts from Cambridge and other universities and pays great attention to the historical aspects of the European tradition in jurisprudence.

Another well-known periodical is The American Lawyer. The journal covers the key news of the legal world, advice and recommendations of lawyers, as well as reviews of interesting events.

Published since 1977, Canadian Lawyer will cover not only current events and news, but also risk management, regulatory requirements and litigation. The publication is useful for corporate lawyers, company executives and law students.

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