Geological and mineralogical scientific journals online

Academic journals in geology and mineralogy

Scientific journals in geology and mineralogy

Publications in scientific journals on geology and mineralogy help to present the results of research to colleagues and join the achievements of modern science. Also publication of academic articles introduce a scientist to the scientific community.

Professors and researchers need to publish papers in journals in order to keep their academic status. Publication is high impact journal is more prestigious than in low impact journal. Call for papers is announced regularly.

PhD students in geology, mineralogy and related disciplines also need to publish papers. It is crucially important and influence on the future academic career. In some countries there is even the amount of papers PhD candidate need to publish in order to obtain a degree.

To publish papers for students is also possible, but it would be better to expect that only low impact journals would accept high level research of students. Anyway this is great achievement, which is going to distinguish among other students, who apply for master degree or PhD program. Call for papers is announced regularly by journals.

Geological and mineralogical sciences

Keep in mind requirements of own country about publishing papers. For example, in order to apply for research grants you may need to publish research outcome in journals in Scopus or Web of science indeces. In Russia the journal must be included in the list of the Graduate Attestation Commission (VAK) and meet a number of requirements, including the frequency of publication, inclusion in the RSCI system and the presence of a peer review process.

If there is a number to define the professional reputation of a scientist , this is largely determined by the Science Citation Index, or the Hirsch Index. The higher the Hirsch index, the more authoritative and weighty the scientist's reputation in the scientific world.

What areas of geology and mineralogy are covered by scientific journals

Whatever fields of Earth sciences you decide to devote your time to, there is certainly a scientific journal in which papers are published on topics of interest to you.

Geological scientific journals cover theoretical and applied aspects of geology, physics of the earth's interior, exploration of mineral deposits and much more. There are both interdisciplinary publications and highly specialized, focused on a specific discipline of Earth science.

The history of scientific journals: the first journal in geology

The oldest scientific periodical devoted to mining is the Mining Journal, established by Emperor Alexander I in 1825 as a journal of the Mining Scientific Committee. The Mining Journal published articles on metallurgy, geology and mining. The publication was more of an encyclopedia. The journal published papers and essays by key researchers of that time in mineralogy, chemistry, mining, as well as news and achievements of mining and mining enterprises.

scientific articles on mineralogy

The oldest journal on mineralogy not only in Russia, but also in the world is Notes of the Russian Mineralogical Society. It has been published since 1866 by the Russian Academy of Sciences and publishes articles not only on mineralogy, but also on geochemistry, petrography and related disciplines. The publication of the journal continues to this day.

Current trends in geological scientific journals

One of the most popular areas at the moment is radiogeology, as well as the search and study of mineral deposits, the patterns of their location and occurrence.

Particular relevance are topics related to the influence of anthropogenic and technogenic factors on the geological environment, as well as research related to the assessment of soil, ground, groundwater and surface water pollution.

Articles devoted to the safe disposal of radioactive waste are significant and attract attention of scientific community.

Russian scientific journals in geology and mineralogy

Geology of ore deposits

One of the most significant geological Russian publications, included in the lists of the Higher Attestation Commission and the RSCI, has been published since 1959. The scientific journal publishes research on mineral deposits, the conditions of their formation and the patterns of occurrence in the earth's crust, the evolution of ore-forming systems, radiogeology and economic aspects of the development of deposits.

Journal Geology. Engineering geology. Hydrogeology. Geocryology.

It is published by the Russian Academy of Sciences and included in the lists of the Higher Attestation Commission and the RSCI. The English version of the edition is included in the Scopus index. The journal contains papers on soil science, hydrogeology, engineering and geological research, information on the anthropogenic impact on the geological environment, geoecological risk factors, radioactive waste disposal issues, as well as on the contamination of ground and surface waters and soils. The journal has been published since 1979.

Notes of the Russian Mineralogical Society

One of the oldest Russian journals publishing articles on mineralogy. It is published since 1866 by the Russian Academy of Sciences. On the pages of the journal you can find papers on mineralogy, crystallography, geochemistry and petrography, information about innovative developments and discoveries, reviews of bibliographic materials and information about scientific congresses and conferences. The journal is included in the lists of the Higher Attestation Commission and the RSCI as well as the international database Web of Science.

Russian scientific journals in geology and mineralogy

International geological scientific journals


It is published from 1973 to the present. Typically, the journal publishes about 23 short, four-page articles monthly. The works cover all earth sciences and provide readers about the most significant and interesting research. The publication is in great demand in the scientific geological community and in universities studying earth sciences. Geology is well known for its large size illustrations.

Gondwana Research

A well-known interdisciplinary academic journal publishing papers not only in geology, mineralogy and geophysics, but covering most of the earth sciences. On its pages you can find works on geomorphology, petrology, geochemistry and other disciplines. In Gondwana Research you can find the latest and most relevant research on the origin and evolution of continents, the formation of mineral deposits. A special feature of the publication is the GR Focus section, which tells brief biographies of researchers. The journal has been published since 1997.

International geological scientific journals

Geophysical Research letters

Scientific journal, which contains articles on geology, geophysics, mineralogy and related disciplines. The journal has been published in the USA since 1974. Particularly popular are articles devoted to the study of climate, greenhouse effect and seismic activity in the Pacific region.