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Academic geographical journals are designed to help researchers share their discoveries and achievements to the scientific community, find practical application of research results and serve the development of fundamental scientific knowledge.

To publish papers is important for professors and researchers all over the world. It helps to share knowledge in the scintific community and maintain academic status. Call for papers is announced regularly by journals. Scientists always prefer to publish articles in high impact journals, but this is more time consuming process. Review time of papers in the most prestigious journals may take up to 1 year. Low impact journals are less popular, but review time is significantly less.

PhD students publish papers in order to show outcome of research. It helps to build the future academic career. In some countries there is even requirement about the amount of papers PhD candidate need to publish.

Even students can publish papers in academic journals. It helps to distinguish among other students, who apply for master degree or PhD. Call for papers is announced regularly.

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It is always good idea to check national requirements for publishing papers. To illustrare, in Russia scientific journals should be included in the list of the Graduate Attestation Commission (VAK). All scientists have to publish the certain amount of papers in list of journals of VAK. Journals from the list of the Higher Attestation Commission must meet certain requirements:

  • peer review process,
  • information transparency,
  • inclusion in the RSCI system,
  • frequency of issue of numbers,
  • journal issues should be included in citation systems - Scopus, PubMed, Web of Science, etc.

In addition, it is important to mention the concept of the Hirsch index, or scientific citation index. It consists of the number of references to published articles and monographs. The higher the Hirsch index, the more authoritative and weighty the scientist's reputation in the scientific world. Russia has its own citation index known as the RSCI (Russian Science Citation Index). You can increase your Hirsch index by publishing your research in prestigious scientific journals.

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What areas of geography are covered by scientific journals

The Earth Sciences are extremely diverse, and scientific journals cover all areas of geography as well as related disciplines. Scientific geographical journals can be both interdisciplinary providing the latest news and discoveries, and highly specialized and devoted to any particular science, for example:

  • Seismology,
  • Petrology,
  • Geophysical research,
  • Glaciology, etc.

The history of scientific journals: the first journal on geography

Researchers call the first scientific journal in geography the Journal de scavans, or the Journal of Scientists, first published on February 5, 1665 in Paris. It is published to this day twice a year. The first issues of the publication were devoted to essays on the disciplines relevant at that time - medicine, philosophy, literature and natural sciences.

Russian scientific journals on geography

The Bulletin of the Russian Geographical Society is the oldest Russian publication devoted to all areas of geographical research. The journal has been published since 1865 to this day. Until 2009, only members of the Geographical Society could publish their article in it. Now this opportunity is provided to everyone. The editor-in-chief of the publication is Doctor of Geography, Professor V.M. Razumovsky.

Current trends in geographical scientific journals

The most relevant topics that are in demand in international geographical journals are the problems associated with the extraction of minerals, field research, as well as the development of the latest technologies in mineral processing. In recent years, hydrogeology, which studies mineral deposits at the bottom of the world's oceans, has been gaining popularity as a topic for research.

Geographic sciences

Research works on seismotectonics, studying the patterns of occurrence and propagation of earthquakes, compilation of seismic maps are among topics in academic journals.

Climate change and global warming research, as well as glacier melting and changes in sea level are also in demand.

Russian scientific journals on geography

Bulletin of the Academy of Sciences

Seria Geography edited by Academician V.M. Kotlyakova is a prestigious and respected Russian journal. It publishes scientific articles on the issues of studying and using natural resources, papers on physical and economic geography, essays on the activities of RAS institutes, and reviews of new books in geography and related disciplines.

The journal covers the achievements of geographical science in Russia and abroad, publishes expert opinions and talks about significant events in the scientific community.

Moscow University Bulletin

Series 5 - Geography - a journal included in both the Russian (e-Library) and international (Scopus) citation systems. Publications in the Bulletin are recognized by the Higher Attestation Commission and are taken into account when defending dissertations for candidate and doctoral degrees. The journal publishes scientific articles on the methodology and methods of geographical science, modern achievements and problems in the training of higher education institutes personnel, and the results of scientific research. Issues of the Bulletin have been published since 1945. The chief editor is Doctor of Geographical Sciences, Professor N.S. Kasimov.

Russian Journal of Earth sciences

It publishes academic articles in English and accepts for publication the work of not only Russian, but also foreign scientists. The journal contains papers on geology, geochemistry, geoinformatics, and physics of the atmosphere and ocean.

Bulletin of the Department of Earth Sciences of the Russian Academy of Sciences

This is an online journal and it publishes since 2009. The journal was created by the Geophysical Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences. The Center publishes the latest news from the world of geographical science, historical facts, interviews with scientists, video presentations, as well as information about the special project "Arctic". Chief Editor - Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences A.O. Gliko.

Academic journals included in the VAK list:

  • Geomorphology,
  • Geotectonics,
  • Lithosphere,
  • Petrology, and others journals about geography.

International geographical scientific journals

International geographical scientific journals

Perhaps, the most significant geographical journal in the world is National Geographic. The journal publishes not only scientific articles, but also educational papers for a wide range of readers. It is popularizing geography and related sciences, as well as highlighting interesting events from the world of science, history and culture. The journal is famous for a large number of photographs and graphics showing the beauty and diversity of nature.

National Geographic is one of the oldest geographical journals created by the US National Geographic Society, published since 1888. The first issues were purely scientific, but in 1896 the direction shifted towards the popularization of science for a wide range of readers.

Currently, the journal is published in 34 languages and enjoys immense popularity around the world. The Chief Editor is Susan Goldberg, who has been in office since 2014.

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Another influential journal with a high citation index is the British journal Nature Geoscience, which publishes papers on the history of the formation of planet Earth, anthropogenic impact on climate, atmosphere and ocean changes. The journal has been published since 2008 and covers the most interesting scientific topics of geographical sciences.