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International and Russian economics journals are designed to help professors, instructors, graduate and PhD students to follow the latest news in economics science, exchange research outcomes and receive the necessary feedback for research articles.

The publication of economics research articles is also important for students of higher educational institutions who plan to continue their graduate and postgraduate studies. The presence of scientific publications in leading journals with high impact factor significantly increases the applicant's chances for success. In addition, the publication of the outcomes of scientific dissertations and research in journals is important factor for PhD students and professors. In many countries one of the prerequisites for obtaining academic degrees is publishing scientific papers in a list of selected journals.

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What areas are covered by scientific journals in economics

Whatever area of economics you specialize in, there is certainly a journal or a few journals, where you can find out the latest news, read about the most interesting research results and find out the opinion of colleagues from the best universities and leading centers on a particular issue. There are both interdisciplinary and highly specialized journals. Another criteria to consider is impact factor. Definitely, academic journals with high impact factor provide high level research and much more prestigious to publish atricles. However, such journals have more requirements for publishing papers and it takes much more time (up to 1 year) for application to review. Anyway all journals are peer-reviewed and periodically publish call for papers.

The topics of economics academic journals can be grouped into the following categories:

  • economic theory and politics;
  • statistics, audit and accounting;
  • world economy;
  • management of socio-economic processes;
  • economic cybernetics;
  • information systems in the economy;
  • financial management;
  • economics and management of the national economy.

The emergence of scientific journals, the first academic journal of economics

Before periodicals about economics even existed, papers about economic issues were published in socio-political periodicals. Typically, publications related to economics journals were published by the Ministry of Finance, the State Bank, in some cases universities and others. In Russia they were called Proceedings ... and Vedomosti .... For example, in Russia one of the first editions was Proceedings of the Free Economic Society, first published in 1765. Then came the Economic Index, published since 1857. It covered topics about agriculture, trade, theoretical issues of political economy, statistics and finance.

Modern trends in scientific journals in economics

Modern trends in scientific journals in economics

The most popular and promising topics in the modern economy, which are discussed in academic journals, are:

  • theory of institutional economics;
  • study of the participation of the state in the economic life of a country;
  • theoretical substantiation of economic policy;
  • research of social policy of the state;
  • problems of formation of national models of interaction between society and business;
  • taxation and tax policy;
  • labor market problems;
  • application of mathematical modeling and computer technology in economic research.

Russian scientific journals in economics

Journal of Economic Sciences

This an academic journal is designed for economists, professors and docents of higher educational institutions and students of economic universities. The journal covers issues of the general concept of the socio-economic development of the Russian Federation, financial markets, the development of various sectors of the country's economy, as well as the problems of international economic relations. The Journal of Economic Sciences is included in the list of the Higher Attestation Commission and has great reputation for publishing the results of scientific dissertations.

Journal The Actual Problems of Economics and Law

This an academic journal is dedicated to the study of economic theory, as well as economics and management of the national economy. Special attention is paid to interdisciplinary research, problems of economic regulation at all levels. The Actual Problems of Economics and Law is included in the list of the Higher Attestation Commission and is indexed in the RSCI.

Scientific publication Economic relations

The journal is included in the list of the Higher Attestation Commission since 2019. The impact factor of the publication is 1.058. On the pages of the journal you can find scientific articles covering the issues of foreign economic activity, globalization and economic integration. The published materials talk about economic security and import/export issues. The publication is aimed at university academic staff, students and postgraduates.

International scientific journals in economics

International scientific journals in economics

The Annual Review of Economics has been published since 1941. The Impact Factor of this respected publication was 3.591 in 2019. The journal covers macroeconomics, microeconomics, behavioral economics, public finance, education, economics in healthcare, correlations between economic growth and technological change, economic development, social institutions, game theory, and political economics. The editors of the journal are representatives of the London Schools of Business and Economics

The Cambridge Journal of Economics is a bi-monthly peer-reviewed academic journal. It was founded in 1977 by the Cambridge Political Economy Society. The journal publishes articles on economic policy, economic theory, information systems in economics and financial management.

The Economic Journal is a peer-reviewed scholarly publication that comes out 8 times a year. It is published by University Oxford Press. Impact factor is 2.946. The first issue of the journal was published at the end of the 19th century, in 1891. The publication covers the outcomes of research in micro- and macroeconomics as well as reviews of the literature and announcements of upcoming scientific conferences.

International scientific articles in economics

The Economist is a British magazine published since 1843. It is published weekly, and in addition to economic issues, it covers news of political and cultural life, financial news.