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Scientific journals on art history are designed to share research outcome and knowledge with the scientific community. It is also about the latest achievements in the fields of art history, cultural studies, examination of works of art, etc.

Publication of papers is important for professors and researchers. It helps to maintain academic status and share knowledge with scientists all around the world. Some countries even have requirements about the amount of papers scientists need to publish in a period of time. Call for papers is announced by journals regularly. Many high rankings journals are part of Scopus and Web of Science indexes.

PhD students also need to publish academic articles. Publishing a paper in high impact journals shows high level of academic preparation and research skills. It also increases chances for successful academic career in the future. Call for papers is announced regularly and PhD students need to have own publishing strategy in mind.

To publish a paper for student is also possible. Having published papers is great achievement for a student. It helps to distinguish among other students. It could be crucially important if a student wants to apply for master program or PhD degree. Some academic journals may publish high quality research articles written by students. However, high impact journals would avoid such practice. On the other hand, submit a paper in low impact journal and finally publish it is great achievement for a student. Prepare list of journals and monitoring a call for papers would be the best strategy.

scientific articles in art history

What areas of art history are covered by scientific journals

Art history scholarly journals cover the entire areas that study art in all its forms. interdisciplinary publications about research in the visual, musical, decorative and applied arts, and more highly specialized, devoted, for example, to history of music of the ancient world or the history of theater.

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The history of scientific journals: the first journal on art history

The first Russian fine arts journal was the Fine Arts Journal, published with the assistance of I.F. Bule since 1807. The publication covered the events of the cultural life of the capital and contained papers about the work of painters of that time.

In 1837, the Khudozhestvennaya newspaper was established in St. Petersburg, but it did not last long, until 1841. It also published articles about painters, exhibitions and cultural events.

Another significant journal was the Apollo journal, published in 1909-1917. It collected articles and essays in all areas of the visual and musical arts, as well as theater and literature.

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Modern trends in scientific journals on art history

Among the current trends traced in art history journals, it is important to highlight articles on the history and theory of art - visual, theatrical, musical, etc., as well as the psychology of the creator, the problems of aesthetics, philosophy and the social influence of art on human consciousness. Much attention is paid to cultural heritage sites and methods of their preservation.

Russian scientific journals on art history

Journal Culture and Civilization

The journal highlights key aspects of research on the formation of modern culture and civilization. The periodical contains scientific articles on the history and theory of culture, the methodology of an interdisciplinary approach to cultural and art studies, and also publishes the works of leading researchers in the field of culture and art history. The journal is published 6 times a years. It is the peer-reviewed scientific journal and included in the list of the Higher Attestation Commission. Archival editions of the edition can be found in the RSCI electronic library.

Bulletin of the St. Petersburg State University of Culture and Arts

The journal is also included in the list of the Graduate Attestation Commission. The publication contains academic papers on cultural studies, library science, bibliology, art history, museology and philosophy. In addition, the Bulletin highlights the results of scientific dissertations for doctoral and candidate degrees. The journal is published 4 times a year.

Russian scientific journals on art history

Journal Early Music

The journal Early Music (Starinnaya muzyka) is about the music of the past from the period of Antiquity to the middle of the 19th century. It offers readers reviews of new books and exclusive articles on the history of music and theater as well as articles on musicology, history of musical art, theory and practice of performing art. The journal has been published 4 times a year since 1998. In 2008, the publication was included in the list of the Higher Attestation Commission (VAK).

International art history scientific journals


One of the most important contemporary art journals is ArtReview, which founded in London in 1949. The publication has evolved from a black and white newspaper to an international journal distributed in 28 countries. The pages of ArtReview contain information about significant events in the art world, international art exhibitions, famous and young artists.

International art history scientific journals

Das Kunstmagazin

German art journal - Das Kunstmagazin focuses on contemporary art. It has been successfully operating since 1979 and publishes papers about painting, architecture, design, sculpture, etc. In addition, in the journal you can find articles about exhibitions and creators of our time.

Acne Paper

Acne Paper is considered one of the most exciting art magazines from the moment it was established in 2005. The topics covered by the journal are extremely multifaceted. The publication contains papers on art history, biographies and archival photographs of iconic artists of the past, contemporary fashion photography and essays on church art. The journal is designed for a wide audience of interested readers who want to join the world of art.