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Scientists need publications in scientific journals to exchange experience, announce the results of research, and receive feedback from the scientific community.

Professors and researchers from labs need to publish papers in order to keep academic status and share knowledge. Call for papers is announced regularly by journals. Publication in high impact journals are much more prestigious than in low impact journals.

PhD students also need to publish academic articles. To publish papers for PhD student is required by existing rules. In some countries PhD candidates even need to reach the certain amount of published articles for obtaining a degree.

To publish a paper for students is a good idea, because it shows high level of academic preparation. It helps to distinguish among other students, who are planning to apply for master or PhD degree. Publication in low impact journals is possible if research meets academic standards. Call for papers is announced by journals regularly.

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What areas are covered by scientific journals in sociology

Sociology journals cover all areas of sociological research that exist today. There are both interdisciplinary publications, covering also related areas of science, and highly specialized ones, which can be grouped by topic:

  • Ethnic Sociology and Cultural Anthropology;
  • Sociology of culture and communications;
  • Economic sociology;
  • Theory and practice of social work;
  • Comparative Sociology;
  • Youth policy and sociology;
  • Sociology of political processes.

The history of scientific journals: the first journal on sociology

One of the first sociological journals, the International Sociological Review, was published in France in 1893. This was followed by the Collection of Sociological Studies, published in 1896.

In 1910, an interdisciplinary publication Logos appeared in Russia, covering issues of the sociology of culture and philosophy. The journal was published simultaneously in Moscow and Freiburg. The mission of the journal was the formation of a new sociological and philosophical culture. The Logos published the works of prominent scientists of that time - Weber, Rikkert, Stepun, Gessen and Yakovenko.

One of the most important sociological journal in Russia was the journal Sociological Research, published since 1974. Until the early 1990s, it remained the only printed publication devoted to sociology in the country.

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Current trends in sociological scientific journals

The most relevant topics in scientific journals on sociology are global sociological processes and the transformation of societies in the context of digitalization and the comprehensive penetration of information technologies into human life. In addition, there is demand for research about the anthropology of globalization: changes in the patterns of culture, identity and belonging in the context of globalization.

In addition, current popular academic topics in sociology include:

  • Sociology of conflict and cooperation;
  • Sociology of International Relations;
  • Social communications and technology.

Russian scientific journals in sociology

Sociological Research

A monthly scientific journal published by the Russian Academy of Sciences. It is founded in 1974. The journal is indexed in the Scopus and Web of Science, and is also included in the list of recommended publication of the Higher Attestation Commission. It is in the top of sociological publications in the RSCI database. On the pages of the journal you can find articles on the theory, methodology of sociological knowledge, essays and research on the history of sociology, the results of sociological research in the fields of economics, social and political life of society in Russia and the world.

Russian scientific journals in sociology

Economic Sociology

It is published by the Higher School of Economics since 2000. The journal is presented in both printed and electronic versions. Among the heading you can find review articles, studies, translations of foreign works, conference announcements, discussions and an appendix with articles in English. The journal is included in the Web of Science database.

Sociological Journal

It is published by the Institute of Sociology of the Russian Academy of Sciences. It was founded in 1994 and currently the journal is published 4 times a year under the editorship of Doctor of Sociological Sciences P.M. Kozyreva. It is included in the list of recommended editions of the Higher Attestation Commission and indexed by the RSCI, Scopus and Web of Science. The journal publishes papers not only on various sociological topics, but also on related areas of science - social psychology, cultural studies, anthropology, etc. The main focus is theoretical research and articles on the history of sociology.

International scientific journals in sociology

International scientific journals in sociology

The American Journal of Sociology

The American Journal of Sociology is one of the oldest sociological science journals that has survived to this day. Published since 1895, the impact factor of the publication is 3.232. The journal publishes reviews of sociological literature, opinions of researchers, current research in the field of sociology and related disciplines. The American Journal of Sociology was founded by the University of Chicago.

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Contemporary Sociology

Contemporary Sociology is an academic peer-reviewed journal dedicated to the fiels of sociology. The journal is published twice a month since 1972. It is published by SAGE Publications with assistance from the American Sociological Association. In 2010, the journal published about 400 book reviews. In addition, Contemporary Sociology also publishes a small number of review essays and discourse articles in each issue. The impact factor of the journal as of 2017 was 0.340.

Acta Sociologica

Acta Sociologica is a quarterly peer-reviewed scholarly journal covering all areas of sociology. It is the official journal of the Northern Sociological Association, founded in 1955. It publishes original research articles, book reviews and essays, and focuses on research comparing the Nordic countries to each other and to other countries. The impact factor is 1.5. The publication is indexed by the Scopus.

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