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Scientific psychological journals

Psychological science has gained immense popularity over the past decades. The publication of articles in academic journals allows you to demonstrate the results of your research to the world scientific community, get the necessary feedback and constructive criticism, as well as get ideas and inspiration for future research. The scientific community is constantly evolving, which is why it is so important to stay abreast of cutting-edge research and discoveries.

Professors publish articles in order to share knowledge and keep academic status. Publication in high impact journals is always more important comparing to low impact journals. Call for papers is announced regularly by journals.

PhD students publish papers in order to present results of scientific research. It is also important for the future academic career.

Students also can publish papers in academic journals. Not all academic journals would publish research articles written by students. However, some journals would be happy to publish it. It helps to distinguish among other students, who apply for master or PhD degree. Call for papers is announced regularly.

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What areas are covered by scientific journals in psychology

In the scientific periodicals of psychology, one can find coverage of all relevant topics of psychological science:

  • psychiatry and clinical research;
  • psychology of personality;
  • gestalt therapy;
  • social psychology;
  • developmental psychology;
  • psychology of crisis situations, etc.

It is important to note that the Russian scientific psychological school differs from the European and American ones. If in the case of Russia, journals are more theoretical and consulting oriented, then international journals are focused on research devoted to psychophysiology and based on experiment.

The history of scientific journals: the first journal of psychology

Journals cover the issues of psychological knowledge first began to appear at the end of the 19th century, during the formation of psychology as an independent science. Among the first were Mind, published in Great Britain since 1876, and Philosophische Studien, published in Germany from 1881 to 1903.

In Russia, one of the first psychological journal was the Questions of Philosophy and Psychology, published from 1889 to 1917, as well as the Review of Psychiatry, Neurology and Experimental Psychology, published in St. Petersburg from 1896 to 1918.

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Current Trends in Psychological Science Journals

The current trends in modern psychology are:

  • Gestalt therapy;
  • Psychological support of professional activity, corporate psychology;
  • Psychology of crisis and extreme situations;
  • Practices of personal growth;
  • Social Psychology;
  • Psychology of Personality.

Russian scientific journals in psychology

Psychological Science and Education

One of the most respected Russian journal on psychology. The journal has been published since 1996, 6 times a year. It is included in the list of journals of the Higher Attestation Commission, as well as in the Web of science and Scopus. Among the topics of Psychological Science you can find clinical and social psychology, personality psychology, general psychology, developmental and educational psychology, reviews of scientific publications, as well as expert opinions. In addition, the journal publishes information about major events from the world of psychology, scientific schools, symposia and conferences.

Russian scientific journals in psychology

Counseling Psychology and Psychiatry

This is an another printed journal included in the Scopus and Web of science, as well as recommended by the Higher Attestation Commission. It publishes by the Moscow State Psychological and Pedagogical University since 1992 and contains articles about the most significant and relevant achievements of modern psychiatry. The journal publishes papers on the methodology of psychological work, examines cases from practice and the outcomes of scientific dissertations.

Journal of Experimental Psychology

It publishes the results of scientific research. On the pages of the journal you can find papers on the theory and methodology of experiment in psychology, announcements of significant events, expert opinions and key news from the world of experimental psychology. The journal is published 4 times a year since 2008. It is included in the list of journals of the Higher Attestation Commission and is included in the Web of Science index.

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International psychological publications

American Psychologist

American Psychologist was founded in 1946 and is the official peer-reviewed scientific journal of the American Psychological Association. It publishes results of experiments, scientific papers covering psychology and related disciplines. The articles were written not only for psychologists, but also adapted for the general public.

International psychological publications

Inquisitive mind (In-Mind)

Inquisitive mind (In-Mind) is an electronic peer-reviewed psychological journal that has existed since 2006. It provides readers with reviews of books and papers on cutting-edge research in psychological science. On the website of the journal, you can discuss articles on the forum as well as ask a question to the psychological scientific community, and find reviews of new books.

Personnel Psychology

Personnel Psychology publishes research on human resource management in large companies, burnout, recruitment, performance measurement and feedback, compensation and rewards, careers, strategic human resource management, job design, global and intercultural issues, organizational climate, attitudes towards work and behavior, motivation, teams and leadership.

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In 2020, the journal was awarded two prestigious awards - Best Paper Award and Best Review Award.