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Today, architecture and construction magazines go far beyond newsgroups covering key events in the industrial construction world. Whatever direction of architecture, construction or design you are engaged in, you will certainly find in which you can draw inspiration, share your ideas and discoveries with colleagues, as well as learn the latest and most current trends and trends.

Professors publish papers in order to share knowledge and keep academic status. Publishing in high impact journals in always more prestigious than in low ranking journals. Call for papers is announced by journals regularly.

PhD students publish papers in order to share results of their research and introduce yourself into the scientific community. It also significant factor for the future academic career. Some countries have even requiremenets about the amount of papers PhD candidate need to publish in order to obrain a degree.

Students can publish papers in academic journals as well. This is very significant achievement for a student, which is going to distinguish among other students. It is important when you apply for master or PhD degree. Call for papers is announced by journals regularly.

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Publications in scientific architectural journals are useful for professionals in the industry seeking to share their discoveries and achievements with the professional community.

What directions in architecture and construction are covered by scientific journals

Scientific journals of construction and architecture cover all modern areas of these industries. Academic journals on architecture, included in the list of journals of the Higher Attestation Commission (Graduate Attestation Commission), cover three main areas:

  • Theory and history of architecture, restoration work and reconstruction of the architectural heritage;
  • Creative concepts, architecture of buildings and structures;
  • Urban planning and planning of settlements.

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In addition, journals that publish news of industrial architecture, trends in the design and the urban environment, as well as purely technical journals devoted to construction, a review of the latest materials and technologies, are popular.

The history of scientific journals: the first journal for architects

The first scientific journal is considered to be Journal de scavans, first published on February 5, 1665 in Paris. It is published to this day twice a year. The first issues of the journal were devoted to essays on the areas relevant at that time - medicine, philosophy, literature and natural sciences.

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The Russian scientific journal Comments of the Academy of Sciences has been published since 1726 in Latin with the assistance of G.F. Miller, however, the journal was soon closed due to an extremely narrow niche of interested audience and a lack of ready-for-publication works. Only from the beginning of the XIX century, scientific periodicals began to appear regularly and covered various areas of scientific and technological progress.

The first Russian journal devoted to construction topics was Cement, published since 1901. Its founders were professors N.A. Belelyubsky and A.R. Shulyachenko, who wanted to create a journal in which they could share and exchange ideas for cement production.

Current trends in scientific journals of construction and architecture

The world is striving for conscious consumption and distribution of resources, and more and more people are thinking about how to do less harm to the planet. That is why one of the most relevant topics that has stirred up the world of architecture and design is undoubtedly organic architecture. Tremendous attention is paid to respect for nature and the harmonious integration of architectural structures into the natural landscape. In addition, the topic covers the creation and consideration of materials that are less harmful to the environment.

Russian scientific journals on construction and architecture

Russian scientific journals on construction and architecture

Architectural digest

AD is one of the most influential and significant Russian journals devoted to architecture and design. Architectural digest, a world-class journal trusted by the most renowned experts. The journal invites you to enjoy the world of design, the best buildings look like, as well as get acquainted with current trends and new talents from the world of architecture.

Architecture and Construction of Russia

Another significant academic journal is Architecture and Construction of Russia. The journal was founded back in the USSR and has been published since 1933, but then it was called differently - Architecture and Construction. The journal publishes papers on urban planning, landscape architecture, the latest technologies and materials, as well as interior design. The journal is notable for being a completely independent and non-commercial.

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Students, graduate students and doctoral candidates often need publications in journals included in the list of journals of the Higher Attestation Commission, the body responsible for the state attestation of employees. Journals from the list must meet a number of requirements, including:

  • peer review process;
  • information transparency;
  • inclusion in the RSCI system;
  • frequency of issues;
  • must be included in one of the citation systems such as Scopus, PubMed, Web of Science, etc.

In the journals of the Higher Attestation Commission, you can publish scientific articles on the topic of architecture, urban planning, restoration and reconstruction of cultural heritage, etc.

Some of the most popular journals are:

  • Architecton: news of universities (electronic journal);
  • Architecture and construction of Russia;
  • Architectural heritage;
  • Regional architecture and construction;
  • Academia. Architecture and construction.

International scientific journals on architecture


One of the most significant and influential journals of our time devoted to architecture is the American journal Dwell. It highlights the main trends in architecture and design, publishes expert opinions, and provides tips and advice for non-professionals who would like to bring architectural and design solutions to their homes. In addition, each issue contains the top of the most striking, unusual and original architectural objects created in recent years. Dwell journal has been published since 2000. The publication has won prestigious awards such as the Adweek and the National Magazine Award.

International scientific journals on architecture

The Architects Journal

The Architects Journal is the oldest British architecture journal, published since 1895. It contains hundreds of practical tips and tricks that answer readers' questions, as well as the latest news, specifications of particular projects and drawings. In The Architects Journal, you can find information on the qualities and characteristics of building materials and technologies that will be useful in renovation, construction and design.