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Scientific journals on cultural studies, theory and history of culture and museology promote the exchange of knowledge and help researchers to keep abreast of the latest news from the scientific community.

Publishing an article on cultural studies is important for all professionals. Professors and researchers need to publish papers in academic journals in order to keep status and share new discoveries. In many countries professors have to publush certain amount of scientific papers in a period of time. Top universities allow to publish articles of own professors only in high impact journals. PhD students also need to publish papers in order to obtain PhD degree. All journal announce call for papers a few times per year.

Many undergraduate and graduate students who plan to pursue an academic career and apply for a PhD in the future may publish scientific papers in academic journals. Having published articles helps to stand out among other students, because it shows high level of academic achievements. So to publish a paper for students is possible, but it would be better to expect that low impact journals would accept it. Call for papers is announced by journals periodically.

Sometimes there are specific requirements to a journal, where an article should be published. Typically, it is about an journals indexes. The most prestigious indexes are Scopus and Web of Science, but there are dozens of different academic indexes. Some countries may have own indexes. For instance, in Russia you need to publish a paper in a journal included in the list of the Higher Attestation Commission (VAK).

What areas are covered by cultural studies scientific journals

Scientific journals for cultural studies cover anthropology, theory and history of culture, as well as museology, problems of preserving cultural heritage, conservation and restoration of cultural heritage, as well as research on the phenomena of modern culture.

Among the topics of cultural studies, the following should be highlighted:

  • theoretical cultural studies;
  • philosophy of culture;
  • ethnology and cultural anthropology;
  • history of culture;
  • symbolism.

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The history of scientific journals: the first journal on cultural studies

The first Russian journal about fine arts and culture was the Magazine of Fine Arts, published with the assistance of I.F.Bule since 1807. The publication covered the events of the cultural life of the capital and contained articles about the work of painters of that time. In 1837, the Khudozhestvennaya Gazeta appeared in St. Petersburg, but did not last long, until 1841. It also published papers about painters, exhibitions and cultural events.

The Russian anthropological journal, which covers culture of different peoples, was published from 1900 to 1930. The journal was founded by the anthropological department of the Imperial Society of Lovers of Natural Science, Anthropology and Ethnography at Moscow University.

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Current trends in scientific journals on cultural studies

Intercultural studies at the intersection of the humanities, such as linguistics, anthropology, art history and cultural studies, are the biggest trend in scientific culturological publications around the world.

One of the interesting topics of modern cultural studies is the metamorphosis and evolution of the language under the influence of modern culture.

In addition, research on culture and religion, symbolism and signs of various cultures, the methodology of humanitarian knowledge and the influence of the Internet and globalization on modern mass culture are in demand.

Russian scientific journals on cultural studies

Bulletin of cultural studies

Russian scientific journals on cultural studies

One of the most important national cultural publications. Published since 1992, at the time of its appearance and until 2018 it was called Culturology. The journal is published by the Institute for Scientific Information on Social Sciences of the Russian Academy of Sciences and publishes papers on the history of musical and visual arts, gender studies, reviews and articles on psychology and philosophy of culture.

Electronic scientific journal The World of Science. Sociology, philology, cultural studies.

This academic journal provides readers articles on the humanities and has been published since 2010. The publication seeks to popularize the achievements of the humanities and is designed not only for researchers, but also for a wide audience of caring readers. It contains publications on the history of culture, theory of language, sociology of culture. The publication is included in the RSCI database.

The Journal of Cultural Studies

This scientific journal founded in 2004 and dedicated to the key issues of cultural studies. It contains articles on the theory and history of culture, issues of teaching cultural studies in higher education institutions, studies of spiritual and material culture of different time periods, as well as recommendations for management of cultural institutions and instructors of cultural studies.

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Journal Personality. Society. Culture.

The journal is one of the most authoritative and widely read among professionals and academic community. On its pages you can find articles on philosophy, sociology, anthropology and cultural studies. Published since 1999, 4 times a year.

International academic journals on cultural studies

Cultural Geographies is an international journal publishing papers on cultural studies from different countries. It was published in the period from 1994 to 1998, then it was relaunched in 2002 and is still accepting and publishing papers. The Cultural Geographies publishes articles on the humanities, studies of the history and development of culture of different nationalities, essays on the peculiarities of everyday life and anthropological data.

International academic journals on cultural studies

History and Anthropology is an interdisciplinary publication at the intersection of history, anthropology, culture and social sciences. The journal publishes articles highlighting all aspects of culture - economic, religious and linguistic as well as changes, transformations of art, gender issues in history and culture, the contribution of anthropology to colonial practice and the development of ethnological and anthropological research methods.