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Scientific journals on history are designed to highlight the key achievements of historical science and related fields, to bring together and present to the scientific community the most important discoveries and events from the world of anthropology, ethnography and world history.

The publication of scientific articles on history is very important for professors and researchers. It helps to maintain academic status. Publishing papers in academic journals is also important for sharing knowledge among researchers. It helps for futher duscussion and new research is built on previous achievements in the science. Call for a paper is announced by journals regularly.

Publishing papers in high impact journals takes longer time, but has more impact on reputation of a researcher. High impact journals are always part of Scopus and Web of Science indexes. Low impact journals take less time for consideration of articles. It’s always your choice where to submit your paper.

PhD students also need to publish papers, because it is mandatory condition in many countries. It also help to build academic reputation and even apply for research grants in the future. Call for papers is announced by journals. It is always a good idea to know where and when as an young PhD researcher you can submit your scientific articles.

Publish a paper for students is also possible. Having published paper helps to distinguish a student among other students. This great achivement would be significant factor if a student apply for master degree or PhD program. Some low impact journals may accept high level research papers written by students.

Some countries have a list of approved scientific journals, where reseacrhers may publish papers. For instance, in Russia publications included in the list of the Graduate Attestation Commission (VAK) is relevant not only for professors and docents, but also for students and graduate students who want to build future academic career and apply for PhD.

Scientific journals from the list of the Higher Attestation Commission must meet certain requirements:

  • peer review process;
  • information transparency;
  • inclusion in the RSCI system;
  • frequency of issue of numbers;
  • journal issues should be included in citation systems - Scopus, PubMed, Web of Science, etc.

What areas of history cover scientific journals

Modern scientific and popular science historical journals cover all fields of historical science and related disciplines. Some journals are designed exclusively for professors and researchers of historical departments of universities, while others are addressed to a wide range of readers and are engaged in the popularization of historical discoveries.

The main directions that history journals cover:

  • Historical sciences.
  • Anthropology and archeology.
  • National history.
  • The World History.
  • Ethnography.
  • History of science and technology.
  • Historiography, source studies and methods of historical research.

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The history of scientific journals: the first journal on historical science

Russkaya Starina (Russian Antiquity) is one of the oldest Russian journals devoted to historical science. It was published in St. Petersburg from 1870 to 1916 and was created by the famous historian and enthusiast Mikhail Semenovsky. The journal published the works of Ivan Zabelin, Dmitry Ilovaisky, Nikolai Kostomarov and other prominent historians of that time. Particular attention in the journal was paid to the era of palace coups. In addition, unpublished excerpts from Eugene Onegin and Dead Souls were published in Russian Antiquity.

Another academic journal devoted to papers on history, anthropology, and geography was the journal Otechestvennye zapiski, founded by the historian and traveler Pavel Svinyin. The periodicals were published from 1818 to 1884. In different periods of the journal's life, it was directed by Nikolai Nekrasov and Mikhail Saltykov-Shchedrin. Along with scientific papers, poetry and prose were published in Otechestvennye zapiski.

Current trends in historical scientific journals

Some of the most interesting and discussed topics in Russian historical journals are studies of the Great Patriotic War, reviews of scientific publications, discussions of archival materials, news of archeology and anthropology, declassified archives of the times of the USSR and discussion of new methods of historical research.

Russian historical scientific journals

Russian historical scientific journals

Moscow University Bulletin

The journal is published since November 1946 and is one of the most authoritative scientific journals in Russia, along with the Bulletin of St. Petersburg State University. The History series has been published since 1960. The journal publishes the results of doctoral dissertations, current events in the life of the world and Russian historical communities, as well as information about conferences, interviews with leading historians. The publication contains articles on general and Russian history, documentation science, essays and notes on museums, and archival materials with scientific commentary. The journal is included in the list of the Higher Attestation Commission.

Archivist Bulletin

It is also included in the list of the Graduate Attestation Commission (VAK) and publishes articles on archival science, research of archival documents, reports on upcoming conferences, historical papers and photographs, news from the historical community, essays on museums and reviews of new historical works.

list of Russian and international historical journals

History: facts and symbols

It is also included in the list of the Higher Attestation Commission and is designed for the scientific historical community, professors and instructors, students and PhD students, and highlights modern views on historical science, discoveries in the field of history, archeology and historical anthropology. The journal was founded in 2004 by Yelets State University named after I. I.A. Bunin.

Electronic scientific journal History

The journal offers readers materials and essays covering the latest discoveries of history, historical anthropology, articles on Russian and general history and archeology. The journal will be of interest not only to specialists in the field of history and students of history faculties, but also to a wide range of interested readers.

International historical scientific journals

International historical scientific journals

The historical journal, also known as The Cambridge Historical Journal, has been published by the University of Cambridge since 1923. The journal was founded by Harold Temperley and is published to this day, considered one of the most respected and prestigious historical publications with a high citation index. The publication covers all aspects of British, European and world history since the 15th century. In addition, the journal contains reviews of historical literature and information on conferences.

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The American Historical Review is the academic journal with the highest impact factor of any historical journal at 2,188. The publication was founded by the American Historical Association and has been published since 1895. The American Historical Review contains articles on general and American history, interdisciplinary research, reviews of historical literature, and interviews with leading experts in the fields of history and anthropology.