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Earth sciences cover a wide range of science fields that study the atmosphere, hydrosphere and lithosphere of the planet and near-earth space. Geosciences academic journals help researchers share outcomes of findings with the scientific community and keep up to date with the latest news in the field.

The publication of articles in scientific research periodicals is required for many scientists in different countries. Professor and researchers from labs publish articles in order to share knowledge and to keep academic status. The most prestigious publications in high impact journals provide information about the most important research. Call for papers is announced regularly.

Publishing papers is available for students and PhD candidates. It helps to build academic career in the future and distinguish with other students.

Depends on a country, a researcher supposed to publish certain amount of papers in order to obtain PhD degree, maintain professor status, etc. All journals call for papers according to own schedule.

What Areas Covered by Earth Science Journals

Among the scientific journals about the Earth, there are several large-scale areas dedicated to fields of science and their sections:

  • Geology, including geochemistry, geophysics, mineralogy, lithology and others.
  • Sciences about the structure of the Earth: volcanology, stratigraphy.
  • Applied disciplines: engineering geology and the study of minerals.
  • Geograpy, including geomorphology, hydrogeology, limnology and others.
  • Soil science.

History of scientific journals: the first journal of Earth Sciences

The Mining Journal is the oldest Russian scientific journal, founded by Emperor Alexander I in 1825 as a bulletin of the Mining Scientific Committee. The journal published articles and essays about metallurgy, geology, mining, mineralogy, chemistry as well as news of mining enterprises.

The Mining Journal is the oldest Russian scientific journal

One of the first journals of mineralogy not only in Russia, but also in the world - Notes of the Russian Mineralogical Society. It has been published since 1866 by the Russian Academy of Sciences and publishes articles not only on mineralogy, but also on geochemistry, petrography and related sciences. The release of the Notes continues today.

Current Trends in Earth Sciences Journals

The most advanced and important areas in the earth sciences are studies of the influence of human activity on climate change and the state of the atmosphere. Another topics of academic articles include problems of environmental pollution due to anthropogenic activity and ways of countering pollution, the melting of Arctic glaciers and permafrost. Many researchers also focus effort on studies of the state of the hydrosphere, as well as the physics of the earth's interior.

We also can mention some new topics in the geoscience. For instance, studies of near-earth space and the issues of its pollution due to anthropogenic debris thrown into orbit does not lose its relevance.

In addition, research is in demand for ore and non metallic mineral deposits, the patterns of its occurrence as well as enrichment and processing techniques. Some fields of science focus on broad research, for example, soil science involves investigation of producing food.

If you need to publish an article in a journall, monitor call for papers is one option.

Academic articles on seismotectonics are always relevant, explaining the patterns of occurrence and propagation of earthquakes, compilation of seismic maps.

Russian journals of Earth Sciences

Russian journals of Earth Sciences

Earth Science Journal

Also known as Earth Science Journal, it is published in electronic format and is included in the Russian Science Citation Index. Geosciences comes out 4 times a year and publishes research articles in several categories - geology, geosciences, soil science, geodynamics and geoinformatics.

Reports of the Russian Academy of Sciences. Earth sciences

Another respected Russian multidisciplinary publication covering the results of scientific research in geology, geochemistry, mineralogy, crystallography, geochemistry and other disciplines. The journal is devoted to fundamental and applied research and is intended both for professors and students of geological faculties and practicing researchers from the industry. The editor-in-chief of the journal is N.S. Bortnikov.

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Russian journal of Earth sciences/h3>

It is published in English and publishes scientific articles on geology, geochemistry, geoinformatics, ecology, etc. The journal has existed since 1998. The journal is included in the RSCI and Scopus databases.

International scientific journals of Earth Sciences

Chemical Geology is one of the most cited journals in geology. It is published from 1966 to the present. It highlights key research outcomes in geochemistry, geochronology and cosmochemistry. The journal provides articles about chemical processes in the petrology of eruptions, metamorphic and sedimentary rocks, low and high temperature aqueous solutions, biogeochemistry, environment and cosmochemistry. The impact factor of the journal as of 2018 is 3.618.

International scientific journals of Earth Sciences

The Chinese Journal of Earth Science, formerly known as the Journal of China University of Geosciences, is published twice a month and publishes articles on all areas of geology and related disciplines, discussing the use of earth resources. The academic journal was founded in 1990 and has since evolved into an international scientific journal respected by the world geological community. The Journal of Earth Science discusses new theories, methods and discoveries, as well as the results of research work in geological areas.

The Earth Sciences publishes research papers and review articles for geoscientists, high school educators, and undergraduate and graduate students. The Earth Sciences publishes articles on observations, patterns, processes and modeling of both the inner and outer spheres of the Earth. The journal promotes exchange of knowledge between the international scientific communities of all countries.

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