Why publish a scientific article

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Who and why publish articles in scientific journals
Alex Malov 11-05-2021

Who should publish articles in scientific journals and why? It seems as a simple and strange question and any reader can easily find the answer. But let’s think again? We will find out the answer in our article!

Every person who decides to devote his life to research and an academic career is interested in publishing the results of research work. It does not matter whether you are researching Black Holes, or writing a dissertation on philosophy, you will certainly face the need to publish the results of your scientific research.

So, who cares about scientific publications?

Scientists and researchers

Publications in scientific journals allow you to share research outcomes with the scientific community, get feedback from colleagues and introduce yourself. In addition, references to your published work in other articles increase the Hirsch Index, which is a numerical expression of your effectiveness as a scientist. And one more important point that should not be forgotten: it is the scientists with good academic reputation and an impressive list of published papers, who often publish their new discoveries, who are more likely to win research grants and funding for new research projects.

Why publish a scientific article


Publications are needed not only by scientists and researchers. Even if you are still an undergraduate student, but plan to continue development in your chosen scientific field and build an academic career, the presence of a publication can significantly increase the chances of admission to a master's program, including abroad or even PhD. Articles in journal are especially relevant for undergraduates who are going to graduate school, because in addition to exams, a resume competition may await you, so if you have academic publications, it can bring you additional points.

who need to publish academic papers

Postgraduate and doctoral students

Perhaps postgraduate and doctoral students are the ones who often need publications more than others, because the presence of several articles with published research results is a must for academic degree seeking candidates. Moreover, scientific periodicals recommended by the Higher Attestation Commission are suitable for publications. Publications in other periodicals will not be counted in Russia. However, you need to know requirements of your countryin such matter.

List of Recommended Journals

Журналы, рекомендованные Высшей аттестационной комиссией - какие они? Чем же они отличаются от десятков и сотен других изданий, в которых с легкостью может опубликовать материал практически любой желающий? Давайте попробуем разобраться.

journals recommended for publication of dissertations results

So, the journals recommended for publication of dissertations results:

  1. 1. Included in the database of the Russian Science Citation Index (RSCI). This is an analogue of well-known international bibliographic databases, including the Scopus and Web of science. RSCI allows you to record and analyze articles and monographs of Russian scientists.
  2. Peer reviewed. Any article accepted for publication is reviewed by experts in this field.
  3. Journals are published regularly and at least 8 times a year.
  4. Have a presence on the Internet (electronic/online version of the journal). It can be either your own site or a page on the publisher's site, which must include:
    • information about the chief editor and members of the editorial board;
    • peer review process;
    • requirements for articles;
    • annotations and keywords;
    • certificate of registration as a media;
    • data should be submitted both in Russian and in English.

In addition, it is important to remember that the VAK list is constantly updated, therefore, when choosing a publication, it is important to double-check whether this journal is included in the current list.

If you find it difficult to choose an academic journal, use our catalog and find a publication you like. We will provide you with any assistance on the exciting path of publishing an article.