Ranking of the most popular scientific journals in 2020

TOP 10 best scientific journals of the RSCI 2020
TOP 10 scientific journals - a list of the most popular RSCI 2020 journals
Alex Malov 11-05-2021

2020 is finally over, and we are pleased to present to you a list of TOP-10 Russian scientific kournals with the highest impact factor of the Russian Science Citation Index (RSCI).

  1. The first place is occupied by the Journal of Experimental and Theoretical Physics, its impact factor (IF) was 1.152. In addition to the RSCI, it is also indexed in the international Scopus index. The founders of the journal are the Russian Academy of Sciences and the Kapitsa Institute of Physical Problems of the Russian Academy of Sciences.
    Ranking of the most popular scientific journals in 2020


  2. The journal Geology and Geophysics, whose an impact factor was 1.191, occupies the second plave of the list. It is also indexed in Scopus. The journal is published by the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, issues come out monthly. It covers a wide range of topics, including geosciences - geology, mineralogy, geomorphology, geophysics, and more.

  3. The third place in the list belongs to the publication Sociological Research. Its impact factor was 1.036. The journal is included in the Scopus and ISI databases. On the pages of the publication you can find papers on the sociology of the family, law, youth, announcements and reviews, as well as expert opinions. It is published with the participation of the Russian Academy of Sciences since 1974.

  4. Forsajt journal is ranked fourth in the TOP10. This international multidisciplinary publication covers issues of technological progress, innovation and development. The journal has been published since 2007. An English version is appeared in 2014.
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  5. The fifth line in the ranking belongs to the journal Crystallography with an impact factor of 0.913. The journal is indexed in the Web of Science and publishes materials on all aspects of crystallographic science. Special attention is paid to crystal chemistry and the theory of crystal structures.

  6. Russian nanotechnology with an impact factor RSCI 0.954 is an interdisciplinary publication highlighting the achievements in the field of nanomaterials. On the pages of the journal, review articles and research on nanobiology, nanopharmaceuticals, nanophotonics, etc. are published. Special attention is paid to the methods and all related to methodology of research.

  7. Computer optics with an impact factor of 0.882 is indexed in Scopus and Web of Science. The journal is presented in both print and electronic versions. All articles can be found in the public domain. The journal publishes materials on diffractive optics, information optical technologies, digital signal and image processing, as well as research in the field of geoinformation technologies.
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  8. The Russian Management Journal with impact factor 0.837 was established by St. Petersburg State University and has been published by the Graduate School of Management of St. Petersburg State University since 2003. It has been published 4 times a year and focuses on the management of organizations. All articles are published in both Russian and English.

  9. The journal Izvestia of higher educational institutions: Physics ranks ninth on our list. Impact factor RSCI of the journal is 0.826. The Izvestia has been published since 1960 and highlights key achievements in the fields of field theory, elementary particle physics, solid state physics, etc.

  10. Number 10 in our list is the Colloid Journal with an Impact Factor of 0.782. 6 issues are published a year. The journal is published with the participation of the Russian Academy of Sciences and the Institute of Physical Chemistry. In the publication you can find up-to-date materials on colloids and surface phenomena.