Scientific articles for scientists, professors, candidates and doctors of science

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Publications in scientific journals for scientists, professors, candidates and doctors of science
Alex Malov 12-05-2021

It is difficult to overestimate the importance of scientific publications for a scientist at all stages of an academic career. The publication of articles is equally important for graduate students, doctoral students, junior researchers, candidates and doctors of science, as well as for professors. In this article we will consider the main aspects of the publication of research works in scientific periodicals.

Benefits of Article Publishing for Scientists, Professors, Candidates and Doctors of Science

The publication of research results in scientific journals is the most important result of the work of any scientist. Only published results can be accepted by the scientific community and used for the further development of scientific knowledge. Research that has not been presented to the scientific community through publication is simply the pursuit of the personal interests of the researcher. It is thanks to publications that the data obtained are verified by experts in the field, compared with the results of other researchers and used to plan future work. The same is the case with hypotheses - by publishing hypotheses in your work, you will certainly find out the opinion of authoritative specialists and will be able to either continue research in this direction, or change the direction of study.

publication of research results in scientific journals

However, publications bring the scientist practical benefit

Publications are especially relevant for young scientists, those who are still at the very beginning of their scientific career. Publications in reputable journals greatly increase the attractiveness of the resume and increase chances of finding a position in your great lab. High-quality publications are especially valuable when looking for a job abroad.

In addition, the availability of publications is one of the prerequisites for obtaining candidate and doctoral degrees. It is important to take into account that the selected journal should be included in the list of recommended publications of the Higher Attestation Commission (known as VAK).

Publications are important even when you reach the heights of an academic career - becoming a candidate or doctor of science, or acquiring the title of professor. It is very important to continue to publish articles and monographs. By gaining prominence in academia, it is much easier for a scientist to win research grants, receive additional funding, find employees interested in the work, and participate in interesting collaborations with other respected representatives of the scientific world.

Scientific articles for scientists, professors, candidates and doctors of science

What is the Hirsch Index and why is it important?

The Science Citation Index, proposed by Jorge Hirsch in 2005, is a numerical expression of the scientific competence of a scientist. The Hirsch index is applicable not only to assess the productivity of an individual scientist, but also to the productivity of a scientific publication, laboratory, research group, institute, and so on.

The higher the h-index, the more often the scientist's works were mentioned in the articles of other authors. in Russia you can find out your Hirsch index in your personal account on the elibrary portal, or go to the official website of the RSCI and use the search by last name.

What is the Hirsch Index and why is it important

How to choose a journal to publish?

The more serious the research and the more significant the result obtained, the more important it is to take a responsible approach to the choice of the journal. It is very important don’t male mistake at the stage of selection, because having published your work in a little-known journal, you may never get your colleagues' attention to the research results. It's no secret that the same article cannot be published twice, so choosing the right journal is extremely important.

When choosing, be guided by the subject of the journal, its recognition and relevance in the scientific community, as well as the citation index and inclusion in abstract databases such as Scopus, Web of Science, etc.

If you are a young Russian scientist and publications are necessary for the defense of a candidate's and doctoral dissertation, check the inclusion of the selected publication in the list of the Higher Attestation Commission. The list is updated every few months, so it is especially important to check the latest version.

How to choose a journal to publish for Scientists, Professors, Candidates and Doctors of Science

When choosing a journal, be guided by:

  1. The inclusion of the journal in the abstract databases of the RSCI, Web of Science and Scopus;
  2. Index of scientific citation of the publication;
  3. Inclusion in the list of the Higher Attestation Commission known as VAK (if the publication is relevant for you for a candidate and doctoral degree).

How can we help?

It is often difficult to find the right journal on your own. We are ready to do our best to facilitate the publication process and accompany you at all stages, from preparation of the manuscript to the successful completion of the review process.

In addition, you can use the catalog, which contains dozens of scientific publications. Use the convenient search tool and choose the right journal, or contact a consultant from our company.