Publishing electronic versions of journals

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Why is it important to have an electronic version of a scientific journal
Alex Malov 11-05-2021

The electronic version of the printed journal posted on the Internet is one of the main trends in the field of scientific periodicals. Most journals seek to publish information previously available only on paper on the World Wide Web. Why is it important? We will analyze it in our article.

Publishing electronic versions of journals

Benefits of electronic versions of scientific journals

  1. Convenience and modernity

    Gradually, printed publications are dying out, not keeping up with the times. More and more readers refuse to purchase printed versions of newspapers, magazines, etc. Not everyone is willing to spend time subscribing or buying a paper version from bookstores. Scientific publication is not exception In addition, many are faced with the problem of storing purchased printed numbers. It is much more convenient to open a browser and in a couple of minutes find the publication of interest on the Web. The electronic version allows you not only to get acquainted with the latest issues, but also to quickly find an article of interest in previous issues.

  2. Benefits

    Publishing the journal in electronic format is much more profitable than in print. By posting publication issues on the Internet, you can avoid the costs associated with printing the numbers and get rid of the hassle of selling and distributing printed versions. It is much more easier to manage.

  3. Speed of distribution

    By choosing the electronic version, you significantly reduce the time it takes for the journal to reach the interested audience. An online scientific journal provides such advantages.

  4. International reach

    By publishing a print journal, you will only have access to the audience living in your country or surrounding countries. Of course, it is possible to send journals internationally,but it would be very difficult to send a journal, let’s say, from Russia to Spain, from Japan to Brazil, from India to Colombia. This is associated with additional expenses. With proper promotion, the electronic version of the journal will be available to Russian-speaking readers around the world, and the presence of an English-language version will significantly expand the interested audience.

  5. Additional features

    The electronic version of the journal doesn’t just duplicates the printed one, but also supplements it, allowing you to place multimedia materials. It could be very important for some authors.

  6. Increases demand among authors

    Most authors, who would like to publish the results of their scientific work are looking for a suitable journal on the Internet. The electronic version of the journal will allow them to familiarize themselves with published articles, topics, read information about the editorial board and the requirements for publications.

  7. Requirement of the Higher Attestation Commission

    One of the mandatory requirements of the Graduation Attestation Commission (VAK) for a scientific journal is the mandatory representation of the journal on the Internet. So an online version is required. If you want your scientific journal to be included in the list, you need to create a website for the journal, which will contain information about:

    • Chief editor and journal’s team;
    • Information about the members of the editorial board;
    • Peer reviewing rules;
    • Requirements for publication;
    • Number of the certificate of registration of the publication as a mass media.

creation of a scientific journal on the Internet

How to publish an online journal

To transfer the journal to electronic format, you will need to create a website that will host electronic versions of articles in PDF format. In addition, you will be able to post additional multimedia materials and interact with the audience through the feedback form.

If you do not yet have your own printed edition, it is much easier, faster and more profitable to create an electronic journal than a printed one. The algorithm of actions is similar to the transfer of a printed publication to an electronic format - you need an Internet resource to which the journal issues in PDF format will be uploaded, as well as articles, notes and other materials at your discretion will be published. It is important to remember about the need to promote and search for a target audience.

How to publish an online journal

Assistance in publishing a scientific journal

ePublishingGroup offers you assistance at all stages of online journal creation, particularly:

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  2. We will help to attract authors for a scientific journal.
  3. We will advise and help with the design of the journal.
  4. We will place your publication in the catalog, thanks to which it will be easier for you to find your audience and authors interested in publishing their works with you.

assistance in implementation of the online version of the scientific journal