Why should a student publish their articles?

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Publications in scientific journals for students
Alex Malov 11-05-2021

There is a misconception that the publication of scientific articles is important only for researchers and scientists who have been in science for long time. That only serious scientific results can be published and presented to the scientific community. However, publications play an important role not only in the lives of researchers and PhD candudates. Writing a scientific article for a student is a big achievement and rewarding investment in a future academic career.

Why should a student publish their articles

Benefits of student publications

  1. Building a competitive portfolio

    Publishing dramatically increases the attractiveness of your resume. A strong, hight quality portfolio that profitably demonstrates student achievement will provide an advantage over fellow students and students from other higher education institutions. This can play a decisive role when applying for the next stage of education, for example, master degree or PhD. This is also could be important when a student applying for participation in the summer or the winter schools and seeking internships, including abroad. Many students of universities have access to internships in great companies. Such students also spend part of their training in existing laboratories, due to which they are included in publications as authots. It doesn’t happen always, but some universities provide such ipportuntities. Therefore, students are more competitive when looking for positions than students from universities, where such opportuntities don't exist. Publications of student papers in scientific journals are designed to help students to level the competitiveness gap and increase chances for the successful next step in the academic career.

  2. Practice in writing and formatting articles

    The skill of writing in a scientific style does not come immediately, so it is important to start developing it as early as possible. Student publications are voluntary and will not be required for the defense of the final thesis or dissertation work. However, if you plan to continue your studies and seek an academic degree in the future, the skill of writing articles becomes vital.

  3. Experience in finding a suitable scientific journal

    The process of choosing a journal for publication can be more complicated than it first appears. The future author will need to be able to match the subject of the journal with his/her work, relevance of the publication, etc.

  4. Skill of interaction with the editorial board of a scientific journal, experience of going through the peer review procedure

    Another necessary skill that will be useful to a future graduate student is communicating with the reviewers, making edits to the manuscript and revising the article before the publication is accepted.

 Benefits of student publications

How can a student find a journal to publish?

  1. Pay attention to the journal of your university. Many higher educational institutions have their own scientific periodical, in which a student can publish his/her article.
  2. Try to search the Internet for a suitable publication. Based on the fact that the publication of articles for undergraduate and graduate students is voluntary, the requirements for the journal are not as strict as when publishing the results of a Ph.D. or doctoral dissertation. Of course, it is desirable that the journal be included in the recommended list of the Graduate Attestation Commission, but often the requirements for research in such publications are quite high. Therefore, we recommend that you pay attention to other journals included in the RSCI database.
  3. Ask for the opinion of the scientific advisor, professors and staff of the department in the university. Perhaps they can recommend a journal to submit the article to for publication.
  4. It is important to remember that there are no instant publications. There is always a certain period of time during which the article is reviewed. Therefore, if you are interested in publishing by a certain date, take care of searching a journal in advance.
  5. Use our catalog of academic journals, which contains variety of options for you.

How can a student find a journal to publish

How to prepare an article?

Suppose your scientific work has already been written. How to prepare an article for publication?

  1. First of all, read the requirements for publications in the selected journal. As a rule, the requirements can be found on the website of the journal. Although the requirements are similar among journal, specific items may appear in a particular journal.
  2. Make the article in accordance with the requirements and send it for review.
  3. Wait for the reviewer to answer and make the necessary changes.
  4. If necessary, pay the publication fee.

How to prepare an article