Scientific articles for graduate students and PhD candidates

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Publications in scientific journals for graduate students
Alex Malov 11-05-2021

The publication of articles in scientific periodicals allows you to introduce yourself to the scientific community and get feedback from well known experts in the field. Perhaps, for graduate and doctoral students, the problem of publishing the results of their work is especially important. One of the mandatory requirements for dissertations submitted for defense is the presence of publications in journals. Depends on the country, the list of journals could be different. However, in Russia we talk about journals recommended by the Higher Attestation Commission (known as VAK).

This requirement is related to:

  • the importance of sharing information with the scientific community and demonstrating results to colleagues;
  • originality and relevance of research - it should not repeat existing ones and simply repeat already known research.

Scientific articles for graduate students and PhD candidates

How can a graduate student choose a suitable journal?

It is important to carefully choose the journal for the publication of the article.

The journal must meet all the requirements of the Higher Attestation Commission and partucularly:

  • availability of peer reviewing process for evaluating the manuscript by experts;
  • strict frequency of issues;
  • presence of a representative office on the Internet in Russian and English, which will contain information about the members of the editorial board, abstracts to articles, etc.;
  • registration of a journal as a mass media in the manner prescribed by law;
  • the journal should be included in the scientific citation bases of the RSCI, Scopus, Web of Science.

We recommend that you familiarize yourself with the list of journals of the Higher Attestation Commission and check if it contains the selected scientific periodical. The list is updated regularly, so it is important to find the latest version.

How can a graduate student choose a suitable journal

Pay attention to the specialization of the journal on a particular field of science. Each of the scientific areas has its own unique digital code assigned by the Graduate Attestation Commission (VAK). The article should correspond to the specializations of the journal. You can clarify it on the journal's website.

Let's look at an example. Suppose you are defending your dissertation on organic chemistry research. To publish an article, you should choose the journal, the articles in which correspond to your specialization. If the journal publishes papers in the areas of "Inorganic chemistry" and "Electrochemistry", it will not suit you.

This rule is due to the fact that the article must be approved. An article published in a journal with an inappropriate specialization will go unnoticed by experts in your field and will not be able to properly undergo peer review. This is very disadvantaged situation for you.

How a graduate student publish a paper in a scientific journal

When choosing a journal, it is important to consider whether it is included in international databases and scientific citation systems. By publishing an article in a journal with a high citation index, you will not only increase the chances that the work will be noticed among colleagues, but also increase your Hirsch index, which is important for every scientist. To get into the international database, it is not at all necessary to be published in English-language journals - many Russian journals are also included in the abstract databases.

Assistance to graduate students and doctoral students in the publication of articles

To defend your candidate and doctoral dissertations, you will need several articles showing the key results of your work. Often, there is one publication for each chapter of the study is required. It is important to keep in mind that it may take some time to find a suitable journal. Therefore, if you plan to publish by a certain date, you should take care of the selection of the publication in advance.

It's no secret that instant publications do not happen - often, from the moment a manuscript is prepared to its appearance on the pages of the journal, it takes from one to several months. The most time-consuming part is to communicate with the reviewer and revise the article, taking into account comments after peer review process. In some cases, additional research and experiments may even be required to prove the point of view of the authors of the article.

Assistance to graduate students and doctoral students in the publication of articles

If you do not want to waste time in the selection of a suitable journal, you can search for an academic journal in our catalog by using the search form, indicating the desired parameters.

An alternative option is to contact our specialists. We will select a suitable journal according to your parameters and provide assistance at all stages - from preparation of an article to reviewing and printing a publication on the pages of the journal of interest.