How can an educator or teacher publish articles in a scientific journal?

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Publication of scientific articles for educators and teachers
Alex Malov 12-05-2021

The publication of scientific articles is relevant not only for researchers who have chosen an academic career. For successful professional development, many specialists involved in the field of education need to publish their methodological papers, recommendations and experience in scientific publications.

The publications significantly improve the teacher's portfolio, contribute to obtaining a higher-paid position, and also allows to successfully pass certification for obtaining the highest professional qualifications. Obtaining this qualification is possible only upon passing qualifying exams and the availability of published papers in scientific periodicals. It is important to note that publications are needed not only for school teachers applying for the highest qualifications, but also for employees of preschool educational institutions (DET), kindergarten teachers and teachers working with preschoolers.

 How can an educator or teacher publish articles in a scientific journal

How many certification points can I get for a publication?

It depends on a country. Each country has own rules. For example, in Russia the exact number of points that can be obtained for a publication is indicated in Appendix No. 6 to the Administrative Regulations for Organizing and Conducting Certification of Teachers. Requirements may vary depending on the region, but on average, the publication of articles can bring you from 5 to 20 points, depending on the level of the publication. The smallest number of points is awarded for articles published in the regional media, and the maximum - for an article in an all-Russian journal.

How can a teacher prepare an article for publication

How can a teacher prepare an article for publication?

What content is suitable for publication, how to choose a suitable academic journal - these and many other questions of teachers who are faced with the need for publications for the first time. In this article, we have collected several tips that will help you navigate the world of scientific publications:

  1. Decide on a topic that you know well. Methodological developments, recommendations for the educational process, articles-generalizations of pedagogical experience, didactic materials, author's teaching methods, master classes, lesson plans and much more are suitable.
  2. Select the appropriate journal. Previously, it was proposed to publish articles for the certification of teachers only in printed journal. Fortunately, the situation changed after a law was passed that equated electronic media with print media. The main condition is registration of an electronic journal with Roskomnadzor and a license as a media. Keep in mind that scientific journal is still journal, so this is media. Collections and almanacs are also suitable for publication, in which you can place your papers both for specialists in the field of preschool education and for school teachers.
  3. Read the requirements for publications, make your paper in accordance with the requirements.

What content is suitable for publication, how to choose a suitable academic journal

Certificate of Publication for Teachers and Educators

Many educators, who are faced with the need to publish their papers for the first time, wonder whether it is necessary to publish in a printed edition and whether it is necessary to obtain a certificate (certificate) confirming the publication. According to the Administrative Regulations, in order to confirm the publication, it is sufficient to demonstrate:

  • Title page of the journal in which your paper is published;
  • The page with the table of contents and the page on which your work is published;
  • Alternatively, a certificate of publication can be used.

In a case that you have chosen an online edition for publication, it is enough to show a screenshot of the published article and information about the journal (registration with Roskomnadzor, information about the editorial board, certificate number, etc.)

Many print and electronic journals offer a Certificate of Publication. It is important to clarify the possibility of obtaining a certificate in the selected journal before the submission of materials.

Certificate of Publication for Teachers and Educators

How can we help?

In order to make the process of publishing your articles as easy as possible and to make it fast and convenient, we have prepared a catalog in which we have placed thematic journals by science category. The ePublishingGroup catalog is designed to help teachers and educators find the right journal, and publishers interested in publishing authors' works.

Use the convenient search, sort the journals according to your needs and interests and choose the most suitable option.

In addition, you can contact our specialists and order an article for publication. Our staff will gladly support you at all stages of publishing a paper, from preparing the manuscript to publication on the pages of the selected journal.