How to choose a journal to publish an article

Where to publish a scientific article, select a scientific journal for publication
Choosing a scientific journal for publishing an article
Alex Malov 11-05-2021

Among the variety of scientific journals presented on the Internet, it is not so easy to find a suitable one.

How to choose an academic journal, where a publication could be considered as a significant achievement and bring additional points? When publication in a scientific journal is important, if you apply for master degree, postgraduate and doctoral studies, and perhaps even for admission to an university abroad? We understand how important it is not to make a mistake with the choice, and have prepared some tips that will help you in your search.

How to choose a journal to publish an article

Where to publish a scientific article

  1. Decide on the purpose of publication

    Why do you need it? It is the goal that determines the choice of a suitable publication.

    For student papers, it is enough to select a journal included in the Russian Citation Index, but it is not at all necessary to look for a publication in journals from the VAK list. An article in the VAK journal is vitally important for postgraduate students applying for the degree of candidate of sciences, because this is one of the key requirements for obtaining an academic degree.

  2. Who is your audience?

    When choosing a journal, it is important to target its audience. A journal can be either highly specialized and devoted to only one specific field of science, or it can be multidisciplinary. In the first scenario, the article will be read by colleagues from your or related areas of interest. In a case of the multidisciplinary one it will be seen by researchers from different areas of science. In the case of a rash choice, the publication may remain unnoticed by the part of the scientific community to which it was originally addressed.

  3. Authority of the journal

    Authority in the academic community is largely determined by how effectively works the system of peer reviewing of articles. The scientific community tends to trust journals whose articles have been reviewed by recognized experts. How can you determine if a selected journal is authoritative in your area? Ask your colleagues for their opinion, or take a look at the impact factor of a journal – as a a rule, if this indicator is high, it means this reputable journal.

    Where to publish a scientific article

  4. Impact factor

    It was proposed by the American Institute for Scientific Information about 50 years ago to quantify the importance of a scientific journal. Impact factor values are updated annually and can be found in the Journal Citation Report. To calculate the impact factor, two indicators are used and their ratio is analyzed. The first one shows the number of citations of journal articles published within two years for one calendar year. The second is the total number of articles published in those two years. Thus, the ratio indicates the likelihood that a publication in a given periodical will be noticed by the scientific community and cited in their research. Information about impact factors is freely available, and anyone can find such information. The higher the impact factor of a journal, the more valuable the publication in it for your career. However, be realistic about your research, since the competition among scientists in the best journals is very high and it may take long time for publishing.

select a scientific journal for publication

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