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The mission of pedagogical journals is to exchange experience between specialists, discuss and develop methodological approaches in matters of education and teaching. By publishing research articles in scientific journals with high impact factor, you not only declare yourself as a professional in your field, but also contribute to the development and advancement of science. Education journals is not exception.

The publication of scientific papers is relevant not only for well known specialists in education, but also for students and graduate students of pedagogical universities and degrees in education in case they want a successful academic career. Having published list of papers in academic journals is every important in every country for scientists whatever we talk about PhD student or professor. However, each country has own requirements in terms of the amount of articles and list of journals. Anyway paying attention to high impact journals is always good idea for scientists. Rememeber that every journal call for papers from researchers around the world.

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What fields are covered by education journals

Education scientific journals cover all possible topics, so no matter what your focus in education is, there is an journal in which you can share your work with colleagues and get acquainted with the latest achievements and methods.

The main topics of pedagogy are:

  • General pedagogy, history of education.
  • Education and methology in teaching.
  • Special education (or special-needs education, aided education, etc), for example, deaf education, speech language therapy, etc.
  • Physical education.
  • Theory and methods of vocational education.

The history of scientific journals: the first education journal

The first scientific journals devoted to pedagogy and education were established at the beginning of the 18th century. In the beginning they were general, so all topics could be covered in one journal. Over time, journals gained specialization on particular fields of education science or how many people prefer to say - pedagogical science. Separate publications have appeared devoted to parenting of different ages of children, methods of the educational process, academic subjects, languages, etc. One of the first education journals was founded in England. It was the weekly journal by J. Addison and R. Style Tatler, published since 1709.

The first journal about pedagogy in Russia was the Addendum to the Moscow Gazette, published since 1783 and pedagogical section in the Patriot magazine. A full-fledged publication entirely devoted to pedagogy and education was the Periodic Essay on the Success of Public Education, published in St. Petersburg from 1809 to 1819.

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Current trends in pedagogical scientific journals

Currently, particular attention is given to the Covid-19 epidemic and all chagnes of the educational process in connection with it. There are articles considering the methodology for conducting distance learning, exploring the effectiveness of the remote learning process at all stages of education, transition from school to higher educational institutions.

In addition, there is an issue at the intersection of pedagogy and psychology, considering the interaction of a teacher and a student with remote contact, the effectiveness of interaction and the learning process, as well as studies aimed at studying the perception of information by students when using mobile devices for learning and the importance of face-to-face contact with a teacher. We prediction that such topics will be popular in long-term perspective as well.

Russian scientific journals about education

Journal Pedagogy

The oldest scientific and theoretical journal in Russia, founded during the Soviet era in 1937. It is one of the most significant and respected pedagogical publications in the post-Soviet area. The Journal Pedagogy publish academic articles about history of education, theory and methodology, recommendations for teacher training and modern pedagogical policy. Particular attention is given to the methods of preschool and school education. The best articles of the journal are translated into English and published in Russian Education & Society and Prospects.

Modern teacher education

Modern teacher education

The journal is published since 2015. This academic journal is recommended by the Higher Attestation Commission for publishing the results of scientific dissertations. The journal examines studies of personnel training for higher educational institutions, retraining for various industries, the issues of organizing the learning process at schools and higher educational institutions, various aspects of the educational process and personality formation. The journal is intended for professors of colleges, universities and institutes, teachers, tutors, instructors, as well as students and graduate students of pedagogical universities and degrees.

Higher education in Russia

Higher education today

Another journal from the list of recommended by the Higher Attestation Commission. This is a peer-reviewed scientific and theoretical interdisciplinary publication covering the problems of modern psychology, sociology and pedagogy. On the pages of Higher Education Today, announcements of upcoming conferences, studies of the educational process, the latest methodological developments, the results of scientific dissertations and interviews with prominent scientists are published.

Russian scientific journals about education

Higher education in Russia

The journal publishes articles about pedagogy, psychology, sociology, philosophy and cultural studies. The journal is included in the list of peer-reviewed publications and is suitable for publishing the results of scientific works for scientific degrees.

International pedagogical publications

Teaching Philosophy is a peer-reviewed academic journal focused on the practical and theoretical aspects of the educational process and the philosophy of teaching. It was founded in 1975 by Arnold Wilson. The journal discusses new teaching materials, experimental and interdisciplinary educational courses, and publishes reviews of books, teaching materials and software.

British Journal of Educational Psychology is a quarterly peer-reviewed scientific journal published by Wiley-Blackwell on behalf of the British Psychological Society. The journal was founded in 1931. The publication covers psychological research related to cognition, learning, motivation, literacy, numeracy and language, behavior, social-emotional development and developmental difficulties. According to Journal Citation Reports, the impact factor of the journal in 2018 was 2.481.

International pedagogical publications

Journal of Pedagogical Research is an international peer-reviewed journal that keeps teachers and educators up to date with the latest news from the world of pedagogy. The journal accepts pedagogical articles in English for publication.