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Scientific electronic journal Akademica. Series Psychology and Pedagogy

ISSN(Print): 2686-9322; ISSN(Online): 2686-9322; DOI: 10.31618/2686-9322
Pluses of journal
Review speed
Fast publishing
Indexing in international scientometric databases
High citation rate of scientific publication

The scientific research journal "Akademica" is published once a month. The journal metadata is hosted on the eLIBRARY.RU platform. The publication formalizes cooperation with popular scientometric databases, such as: RSCI, Index Copernicus, Google Scholar, Global ImpactFactor, ResearchBib, Scientific Indexing Services (SIS), Citefactor, International Scientific Indexing (ISI), JIFactor. Each scientific article is assigned a discrete DOI identifier. Articles of graduate students, doctoral students, PhD students, teachers, researchers and applicants are accepted for publication.

Founder: LLC " Logika+".

Published: since 2019.

Frequency: 12 times a year (monthly)

ISSN: 2686-9322

DOI: 10.31618/2686-9322

Edition version: electronic (online) edition.

Editorial Board:

Denis Anatolyevich Makarovsky (editor-in-chief), candidate of philosophical sciences
Valentina Stepanovna Sadovskaya, Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, Professor
Vyacheslav Aleksandrovich Remizov, Doctor of Culturology, Candidate of Philosophical Sciences, Professor
Marina Alekseevna Izmailova, Doctor of Economics, Professor
Karina Marlenovna Gaidar, Doctor of Psychology, Associate Professor
Ilya Mikhailovich Slobodchikov, Doctor of Psychology
Tatiana Afanasyevna Podolskaya, Doctor of Psychology
Elena Pryazhnikova (Moscow), Doctor of Psychology
Evgeniya Sergeevna Naboychenko (Yekaterinburg), Doctor of Psychology
Natalya Vladimirovna Kozlova (Tomsk), Doctor of Psychology
Olga Borisovna Krushelnitskaya, candidate of psychological sciences
Alla Anatolyevna Artamonova, candidate of psychological sciences
Vyacheslav Vladilenovich Tereshchenko, candidate of psychological sciences
Olga Vladimirovna Taranova, candidate of psychological sciences
Inessa Alexandrovna Dashkovskaya, candidate of psychological sciences
Vera Viktorovna Ryashina, candidate of psychological sciences
Albina Dudarbekovna Gusova, candidate of psychological sciences
Dmitry Grigorievich Miroshin, candidate of pedagogical sciences
Alexey Vitalievich Utenkov, candidate of psychological sciences
Ekaterina Aleksandrovna Tikhomirova, candidate of psychological sciences

The journal is included in РИНЦ (RSCI), Elibrary.

Impacts factors

Publishing probability 85%
Number of days to make a decision 15 days
Number of days before publication 30 days
RSCI two-year impact factor
RSCI five-year impact factor
Peer review

The procedure for submiting, reviewing and publishing articles

  1. The editorial board accepts for consideration for publication in the journal articles, brief reports and reviews on the subject of the journal. All papers submitted to the editorial office must be prepared in accordance with the Rules for Authors (available in each issue and on the journal's website).
  2. All articles sent to the editorial office are subject for reviewing and, in case of a positive conclusion, to scientific and technical editing.
  3. Reviewers for articles are appointed by the editorial board from among recognized experts on the subject of the reviewed papers and who have published articles on the subject of the reviewed article over the past 3 years.
  4. When evaluating an article, the reviewer takes into account: the correlation of the subject of the article to the subject of the journal; novelty and scientific significance of the results; validity of results; correct use of the results of other authors; correct links; the quality of presentation and design.
  5. The conclusion of the review should indicate one of the following recommendations: the possibility of publishing the article in the scientific electronic journal "Academica"; the possibility of publication after appropriate revision (according to the comments of the reviewer); inappropriate publication.
  6. The reviewer, no later than 1 month after receiving the manuscript of the article, must return the manuscript with a review.
  7. The final decision on publication, publication after revision or rejection of the article is taken by the editorial board.
  8. The copy of the review of the article (without specifying the reviewer) or a reasoned refusal is provided by the editorial office to the authors of the article.
  9. Reviews are kept in the editorial office for 5 years. At the request of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation, the editorial staff of the journal sends copies of reviews of articles to the Ministry.
  10. An article sent to the authors for revision must be returned in a corrected form (in 2 copies) together with its original version as soon as possible. The revised manuscript must be accompanied by a letter from the authors containing answers to all comments and explaining all the changes made in the article. An article delayed for more than three months or requiring re-processing is considered as newly received.
  11. Layout of articles prepared for printing are handed over to authors for proofreading. The corrected layouts must be returned by the authors to the editorial office within a week. The layouts returned, as well as those not returned within the specified period, are sent to the printing house without further checks and approval.
Latest issues of the journal

Chief Editor

Denis Anatolievich Makarovsky
Head of the Department of Organizational Management at the Institute for Applied Behavior Analysis and Psychological and Social Technologies. Mr. Makarovsky is practicing psychologist, specialist in education management. He graduated from the Faculty of Human Philosophy of the Russian State Pedagogical University named after A.I. Herzen (St. Petersburg) and postgraduate studies in social philosophy. Candidate of philosophical sciences.
All articles are checked by the anti-plagiarism system
Required minimum article uniqueness: 75%