How to publish a scientific article in an international journal

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Alex Malov 12-05-2021

The publication of research outcomes is important for every researcher who decides to devote his/her life to science and build an academic career. It is important to start thinking about publications as early as possible in order to facilitate your future career advancement and introduce yourself in the scientific world. For publication, you can choose any academic journal that publishes article in a language of your paper. However, it is important to take into account requirements of your country. For example, in Russia in order to defend a thesis for a doctoral or candidate's degree, the journal must be included in the list of the Higher Attestation Commission.

Publication in an international journal or in the VAK journal?

Before submitting an application for publication, graduate students should study the list of the Higher Attestation Commission and make sure that the selected journal is included in the recommended list. In a case that you decide to publish data in an international journal, check if it is included in one of the bases of scientific index - Web of Science, PubMed, Scopus, Springer, GeoRef, etc. According to the letter of the Department of Attestation of Scientists in Russia dated 01.12.2015 “ On the list of peer-reviewed scientific publications ", these journals are equated to those included in the VAK List, which is why the published article can be used instead of the VAK publication.

Often, the citation index of foreign scientific journals is higher than that of Russian ones. This is due to the fact that English-language publications are available to a wider audience than those that are published only in Russian.

However, the rules for publishing articles in international journals and the competition among authors can also be stronger.

In addition, if you are interested in an international scientific career and looking for a job in another country, English-language publications are valued much higher, while a Russian-language journal will be more difficult to understand for a potential employer. As a result, such pulication may not bring significant benefits as it could be in a case of publication in high ranking international journal.

International academic databases of scientific publications

  • Web of Science

    Web of science is an Internet platform that collects information on thousands of international scientific articles. WoS takes into account the mutual citation of publications and introduces users to the most popular authors and publications. All journals are assigned to thematic categories (scientific areas); there are about 250 of them in the Web of Science.

  • Scopus (SJR)

    It is an international database of scientific articles and at the same time a balanced assessment of the prestige of the journal. This database is considered more objective and takes into account not only the number of citations, but also the authority of the citing publication, as well as the proximity of topics. The Scopus database contains about 24000 journals.

  • Index Copernicus

    It is based on the Polish abstract database and includes many international collections of scientific articles. It allows you to track and establish the importance of scientific publications, the contribution of individual scientists and research institutions.

  • Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ)

    It is another online database that has collected over 15,000 international journals for the publication of scientific articles. DOAJ has its own scientometric indicator to assess the relevance of a particular publication.

  • RSCI

    It is used mainly for Russian publications, as well as for academic journals published in Russian.

International publishing houses of scientific articles

  • Elsevier

    The most popular scientific publishing house, which publishes more than 1/3 of all leading international scientific articles and journals in the world.

  • Springer

    Springer publishes over 1500 scientific journals every year. The publishing house publishes articles on the humanities, mathematics, physics, natural sciences, architecture, astrophysics, biological and medical sciences, as well as articles on business management.

  • Oxford Journals

    For many years Oxford Journals has been interacting with the most popular research institutes from around the world and publishes papers in the natural sciences, humanities and medical disciplines.

  • The Royal Society of Chemistry

    This is well known publishing house for its work with the international database of scientific publications of the Royal Society of Chemistry of Great Britain. It publishes journals in chemistry, energy, biology and education.

  • Taylor & Francis

    It publishes about 1000 scientific journals and 2000 research books every year. The main topics of all publications: astrophysics, agricultural disciplines, the importance and development of ecology, biology.

  • American Chemical Society

    This is the most popular publishing house in the United States. The publications are recognized as the most cited chemical journals. The publishing house is about publications on analytical, inorganic, nuclear and medicinal chemistry and publishes international journals for the publication of student research papers.

  • Wiley

    It publishes paper and electronic scientific journals and books on statistics, engineering, mechanics and medicine.