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Peer review of scientific articles

Rules for reviewing scientific articles, the process of reviewing an article for a scientific journal, results

Peer review of a scientific article allows you to improve the quality of published paper and contribute to knowledge of modern science as well as evaluate the work with the help of experts in this field. The presence of a peer review process is the most important criterion for assessing the quality of a scientific journal. Since journals that publish articles, bypassing the peer review process, cannot be included in variety of scientific indexes, for example, the list of recommended journals of the Higher Attestation Commission. High ranking journals always have peer review procedure. How exactly the review process takes place - we will tell you in our article.

Alex Malov 12-05-2021

How to publish a scientific article in an international journal

international publishing houses, international scientific journals, international publications of scientific articles

The publication of research outcomes is important for every researcher who decides to devote his/her life to science and build an academic career. It is important to start thinking about publications as early as possible in order to facilitate your future career advancement and introduce yourself in the scientific world. For publication, you can choose any academic journal that publishes article in a language of your paper. However, it is important to take into account requirements of your country. For example, in Russia in order to defend a thesis for a doctoral or candidate's degree, the journal must be included in the list of the Higher Attestation Commission.

Alex Malov 12-05-2021

Impact factors - what do they mean and what are

impact factor RSCI, impact factor Scopus, Index Copernicus, Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ)

One of the most important parameters that helps in choosing a suitable journal for publication of a scientific article is its impact factor. It is this indicator that will make it possible to assess the relevance and importance of the journal, its reputation among scientists and even, more or less, the level and quality of the articles published in it.

Alex Malov 12-05-2021

How much does it cost to publish a scientific article

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The importance of scientific publications is undeniable. Publications help students, graduate students, PhD candidates, doctoral students, professors and researchers in the successful development of an academic career, finding academic positions, including abroad, and obtaining funding for research. However, those who are just beginning their acquaintance with the world of scientific periodicals have a number of questions related to journals. One of the most important is how much it costs to publish an article in a scientific journal.

Alex Malov 12-05-2021

How can an educator or teacher publish articles in a scientific journal?

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The publication of scientific articles is relevant not only for researchers who have chosen an academic career. For successful professional development, many specialists involved in the field of education need to publish their methodological papers, recommendations and experience in scientific publications.

Alex Malov 12-05-2021

Scientific articles for scientists, professors, candidates and doctors of science

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It is difficult to overestimate the importance of scientific publications for a scientist at all stages of an academic career. The publication of articles is equally important for graduate students, doctoral students, junior researchers, candidates and doctors of science, as well as for professors. In this article we will consider the main aspects of the publication of research works in scientific periodicals.

Alex Malov 12-05-2021

Scientific articles for graduate students and PhD candidates

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The publication of articles in scientific periodicals allows you to introduce yourself to the scientific community and get feedback from well known experts in the field. Perhaps, for graduate and doctoral students, the problem of publishing the results of their work is especially important. One of the mandatory requirements for dissertations submitted for defense is the presence of publications in journals. Depends on the country, the list of journals could be different. However, in Russia we talk about journals recommended by the Higher Attestation Commission (known as VAK).

Alex Malov 11-05-2021

Publishing electronic versions of journals

publication of the electronic version of the journal, creation of a scientific journal on the Internet, assistance in the implementation of the online version of the scientific journal, online journal

The electronic version of the printed journal posted on the Internet is one of the main trends in the field of scientific periodicals. Most journals seek to publish information previously available only on paper on the World Wide Web. Why is it important? We will analyze it in our article.

Alex Malov 11-05-2021

Why should a student publish their articles?

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There is a misconception that the publication of scientific articles is important only for researchers and scientists who have been in science for long time. That only serious scientific results can be published and presented to the scientific community. However, publications play an important role not only in the lives of researchers and PhD candudates. Writing a scientific article for a student is a big achievement and rewarding investment in a future academic career.

Alex Malov 11-05-2021

Ranking of the most popular scientific journals in 2020

TOP 10 best scientific journals of the RSCI 2020

2020 is finally over, and we are pleased to present to you a list of TOP-10 Russian scientific kournals with the highest impact factor of the Russian Science Citation Index (RSCI).

Alex Malov 11-05-2021

How to publish a scientific article

Step-by-step guide how to publish a scientific article

It is the publication of a scientific article that is the main result of the reserarch work done for every scientist. Presenting the paper, the author presents to the scientific community the outcomes of research and conclusions, offering to participate in futher discussion. However, in addition to presenting the results of the work, publications show the priority of a scientist or group in solving a particular scientific problem.

Alex Malov 11-05-2021

Why publish a scientific article

Post about the publication of scientific articles

Who should publish articles in scientific journals and why? It seems as a simple and strange question and any reader can easily find the answer. But let’s think again? We will find out the answer in our article!

Every person who decides to devote his life to research and an academic career is interested in publishing the results of research work. It does not matter whether you are researching Black Holes, or writing a dissertation on philosophy, you will certainly face the need to publish the results of your scientific research.

Alex Malov 11-05-2021

How to choose a journal to publish an article

Where to publish a scientific article, select a scientific journal for publication

Among the variety of scientific journals presented on the Internet, it is not so easy to find a suitable one.

How to choose an academic journal, where a publication could be considered as a significant achievement and bring additional points? When publication in a scientific journal is important, if you apply for master degree, postgraduate and doctoral studies, and perhaps even for admission to an university abroad? We understand how important it is not to make a mistake with the choice, and have prepared some tips that will help you in your search.

Alex Malov 11-05-2021

The main stages of preparing a scientific article

The main stages of preparing an article for a scientific journal, the structure and design of a scientific article, revision and correction of errors, publication of a scientific work

The publication of a scientific article in a well-known and respected journal is important for every scientist, professor, teacher, PhD student or graduate student. The high citation rate of the paper will have a positive effect on the author's authority, the work of his/her laboratory and the ranking of the university as a whole. The publications will also help in career advancement and obtaining a doctorate or PhD degree. In the article, we will tell you how to step by step prepare your scientific article for publication. Consider it as a guide for preparation an academic paper for publication.

Alex Malov 09-05-2021

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