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Agricultural science is very important applied field at the intersection of veterinary medicine, soil science, zoology, botany and other areas. Academic journals on agriculture serve for interdisciplinary communication of all scientific areas involved in agriculture.

Professors need to publish papers in order to share knowledge and maintain academic status. Call for papers is announced by journals regularly. Publications in high impact journals are always more prestigious, however, it it more time consuming process.

PhD students publish papers in order to show results of scientific research. A PhD thesis/dissertation comes to a point, when new discoveries and conclusions are made. It is important to share research outcomes in academic journals with good reputation in the scientific community.

Students can also publish papers in scientific journals. It could be very significant achievement for a student and it could help to distinguish among other students, who want to apply for master or PhD degree. Call for papers is announced regularly.

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What areas are covered by scientific agricultural journals

The agricultural science is extremely multifaceted and covers many disciplines, from the economics to geography and soil studies.

Information about any areas of agriculture you are interested in can be found in one of the scientific journals. For instance:

  • Information on current agrochemical research can be found in the Agrochemical Bulletin and Agrochemistry.
  • Articles on veterinary medicine - in Animal Science, Veterinary Medicine and Feeding and others.
  • Data on forest management - in Forestry.

History of scientific journals: the first agricultural journal

Proceedings of the Imperial Free Economic Society to the promotion of agriculture and housing construction in Russia - became the first journal in Russia devoted to agriculture. It was published in St. Petersburg since 1765. Topics focused on the introduction of industrial crops into agriculture, the improvement of labor tools, as well as the development of animal breeding in general and sheep breeding in particular. By 1904, the number of agricultural publications had grown significantly and more than 200 agricultural journals and newspapers were published.

Current trends in agricultural scientific journals

Modern trends in agricultural journals encourage articles on soil enrichment and increasing soil fertility, methods of developing poor infertile soils, the development and implementation of the latest mineral and organic fertilizers.

Also attention is given to the genetic improvement of agricultural crops, which significantly increases productivity and resistance to adverse environmental factors.

Another important area is the study is the development and use of biological pesticides.

Russian scientific journals on agriculture

Russian scientific journals on agriculture

The most respected and significant scientific journals devoted to agricultural science are journals included in the recommended list of journals of the Graduate Attestation Commission. All of the following journals are part of the list:

Dairy and beef cattle breeding

The journal has been published since 1956. There are 8 issues per year. The journal is intended for scientists, PhD students and students of agricultural universities, as well as specialists working in the industry. On the pages of the journal, you can find research by Russian scientists on livestock breeding, meat processing, prevention and treatment of diseases, as well as automation of processes on farms.

Agrochemical Bulletin

The journal is devoted to the research, development and use of fertilizers for soil enrichment and yield increase. Much attention is paid to the safety of the use of fertilizers and the environmental issues. The journal is one of the oldest Russian journals on agricultural chemistry and has been published since 1929. Over the history of its existence, it was renamed several times and called Chemistry in Agriculture. The founder of the journal is the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation.

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Agricultural Biology

The journal is distributed only in electronic format and covers the main achievements of biological sciences that have practical application in agriculture. Particular attention is paid to crop and livestock production issues. It is the only journal in Russia fully devoted to the research of agricultural plants, animals and microorganisms. 6 issues of the edition are published per year.

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International agricultural journals

The American Journal of Agricultural Economics, published since 1919, covers the main issues of agricultural economics, the development of agricultural areas in the world. Special attention is paid to interdisciplinary research and experimental methodology. In addition, the publication provides review articles covering the issues of farming.

International agricultural journals

Agricultural and Forest Meteorology is an international journal that publishes research at the intersection of meteorology, soil science, agriculture and ecology. The emphasis is on applied scientific research relevant to practical problems in plant and soil, ecology and biogeochemistry, influenced by weather, and climate variability and change. The journal has been published since 1984.

Agronomy for Sustainable Development is a German journal published since 2005. It publishes articles combining agronomic and agricultural research with ecological, genetic, ecological, economic and social sciences. On the pages of the journal you can find papers on livestock, farming and soil science.